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  1. In all this time you've been fighting for a check, I was able to put in a withdrawal request on Saturday around noon and have the money in my eWalletXpress account this afternoon. Deposit that somewhere without the check issues that Doyle's has had for ages, do a little cover play, and request a check there.
  2. I watched the movie Saturday night and thought it was good. Yes, the ending was bit hokey, but no more hokey than the Grail or the Ark as someone already mentioned. Were there some parts where you had to have a suspension of belief? Yes, but all of the Indy movies have those moments.And I'll make my usual Indy-related plug to definitely go see Raiders: An Adaptation if it comes to your neck of the woods. Three kids in Alabama spent four-five years reshooting Raiders, shot by shot.
  3. Do you have their Virtual Visa? I do, and used it to pull some of my balance from an ATM and spent the rest at Amazon on some books I had my eye on for a while. Don't know if they are still letting US customers sign up for the card or not, but may be worth a try if you can't find a trader.
  4. Nope, though a couple KC-area legislators are trying to get it overturned.
  5. Salary dump of an under-achiever and making room for Polak on next year's roster.
  6. I've never heard him called Walter before, but Walt is a nickname he picked up due to a Walt Tkachuk who used to play for the Rangers quite some time back.
  7. Doyle's isn't blocking those states, it is the underlying Prima network that they are a part of.
  8. I haven't withdrawn from Cake lately, but ePassporte was free to withdraw to last time I did so.
  9. Why is it harsh? Murray is a stickler for detail, Perron learned it the hard way and won't do that again. I expect he'll be back in the lineup soon, but not for a bit, Murray doesn't like to tinker with the lines after a win (unless it's to put Jesus Brewer back in after fake back spasms).
  10. Eric fricking Brewer should have been in the press box before McKee. I haven't felt as nervous about a Blues player being involved in a play since Roman Turek was in net.
  11. At 18 with my first gf. We hooked up a church camp (serious lol moment of course) since another girl I wasn't terribly interested in was stalking me and the first girl said we could "pretend" to be an item to get the second uninterested in me. The actual deed was in the family van that became my vehicle once I turned 16, still not sure what my parents were thinking giving me a car with double bench seats.In an ironic twist, did get a few BJs from girl #2 a year later but never anything further than that.
  12. Drew's pretty good, I used to watch a lot of late-night Sharks games on Center Ice and he and Randy Hahn were one of the better broadcast teams.
  13. I thought the last reunion, about halfway through this season, was much better. I found it amusing that everytime we've seen Sarah since she got eliminated that she has been wearing "slutty" clothing like she was complaining about during judges' table. Have to wonder if the producers put her and her rack behind Hung on purpose. My wife thought everyone here was crazy when I said the consensus was that Casey would win fan favorite, but she can't stand her for some reason. I was rooting for Dale myself.
  14. If you plan on making several withdrawals over a year (I forget the exact number someone calculated), the $35 for the card outweighs the fees you'll pay for bank withdrawals. ePassporte card withdrawals just cost me $2 and my bank's ATM doesn't charge for it, although it did when I had a Neteller card. I don't know how long bank withdrawals take, but I'm sure they're a hell of a lot longer than cashing out via the card.
  15. Shortly after I turned 21, I was at convention in Texas. Friday night was kind of a social/meet and greet thing with a conference table full of liquor. After drinking several beers and mixed drinks of various sorts, the last thing I can recall is talking to a friend I drove there with and an author. The next thing I know it's 6 AM or so, I'm laying in the bed of my hotel room, and my friend is banging on the door to be let in (we only had one key for the room). I let him in, casually noticing the puke and broken glass on the floor of the bathroom. I then head back to bed and find my sneak
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