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  1. Was thinking about running down there in a month or so. Its been 3 years since Ive been there. Last time I was there the Friday and Saturday night action was pretty good. Any and all info is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Something about St. Charles I need to know about?
  3. Use to play live regularly down there but havent been in about a year in a half. Games or players changed much since then? Harrahs still have the most players and action? Would be looking to play 1/2 or 2/5 no limit or maybe even a mid staked limit game if there is a good one. Any and all info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Havent played online in over a year. Whats the best way to deposit and how are the withdraws going these days? Check still the best way to go? Thanks.
  5. Id be playing 2/5 to 10/20 Nl and probaly 10/20 to 30/60 limit. Since the rio is probaly booked whats a couple close hotels that would be close to the rio. Thanks.
  6. Whats trhe best time of the 6 weeks and where will be the best 2 or 3 places with the most action?
  7. I guess thats better then flying in to Hartford CT. Also is there good NL action on the weekends. Thanks.
  8. Wanting to go somewhere that Ive never been to before and play poker for 3 or 4 days. Wanting to know and info on everything to closest airport to service to overall action. Probaly be playing 2-5 and 5-10 NL and anything form 4-8 to 30-60 limit. Thanks.
  9. I guess unfortanetly for me its 10 times better then any casino around my house.
  10. Thinking of going to Tunica in a few months. Was there 2 or 3 years ago and they treated you great. Comped breakfast and dinner buffets. Free beer as long as I was at the poker table. Also got a poker room rate on my room. Just wondering if much has changed? Thanks.
  11. I called the Lumeire card room Friday and the guy claimed every Tuesday night there was a 5/10 NL game. Min Buy In $1000 and no Max. He claimed there was 3 tables running last Tuesday. Sounds sweet if true.
  12. How are most of you getting money on Pokerstars and FullTilt these days. Thanks.
  13. Since the drop of the loss limits has the action been any different at Ameristar or Harrahs? Is there a unlimted buy-in for the 2/5 game now? Is there bigger no limit games now? Thanks for any info.
  14. Every site that there is supposed to be a picture theres just a little red square in a box. I have Windows Vista and am a computer dummy. Any ideas would be appretiated thanks.
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