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  1. Your best bet would be to analyze your own game and figure out what you are doing wrong.Don't get me wrong, you will always lose to people playing like that, but you want them to do that. In the long run, you will make money from those guys as long as you force them to play those bad hands against the odds.Read some poker strategy. Understand what your bets mean and how they affect guys playing hands like those.
  2. Is Havad Khan still like he was on the WSOP a couple years ago? If that is the case, then I would have been a little more careful against him because he is probably the #1 guy I wouldn't want to beat me in a hand.
  3. This is standard, I'd laugh too. Hopefully, if the stakes were higher, your bankroll would be higher and this would still only sting you. If you're playing a game where a loss like this would hurt you, you need to step down.Obviously, you're playing for fun like most of the rest of us. Play within your bankroll and enjoy these when they happen.
  4. Suits are also used in poke to break ties in chip races when coloring up.
  5. In poker, suits don't matter.I have to commend the variety of amazing (sarcastic) replies in this thread alone though. I'm pretty sure the OP is much more clear on things now. I especially love the limit hold'em vs no-limit hold'em discussion surrounding the possibility of conflicting flushes... classic.
  6. Wow, you got a picture of Sammy at the table. You must have got there pretty early in the tournament Nice pics.
  7. I agree, Party Poker is amazingly soft. Since October/November though, they haven't allowed US players on their site. Too bad for them.It's mostly all Europeans on the site now, so the best time to play is between 4-8 CST.I couldn't recommend Party Poker (and Empire Poker) to anyone (outside of the US) enough.The top US sites are PokerStars and Full Tilt though, that's why most people on here recommend those sites.
  8. I'm really torn here because the decision could really go either way.What type of game was this? If it was a home game and we're dealing with potential newbies to poker then I'd allow A to take the pot for sure.If this was a private card room full of regulars I'd consider A's hand to be mucked.The rules are not clear on the definitive RIGHT way to handle this situation and I've seen it go both ways. Either way, you won't please everyone with the decision.The easiest thing to do is to award the pot to B and warn everyone that this is why you shouldn't be a nit at showdown by mucking your card
  9. Did he say it like "owned" or like "powned" or like "pawned"?Cause if it was either of the latter two options that is not cool, those "words" should never be spoken.
  10. I have a racetrack style oval table.Benefits I think it looks nicer. Can accomodate 10 players. Downfalls If your chips are on the track, you need to pick them up to go all-in, you can't just shove your stack forward. If your cards get on the tracks, they might be hard to get off. Hard to deal from the ends, but the guys in the middle just help the dealer. So we really have to issues here: oval/circle and race-track versus non-racetrack.I like the oval because it's more comfortable for 10 players, which we often have.I can't say that the racetrack adds to the game itself, but it certainly lo
  11. What does Daniel's take matter? We all know how he likes to play for 2nd cause the money matters. Therefore, he'll back up the fold because it was +EV for 2nd place.
  12. No, I think those products are legit. Go for it and post a trip report...
  13. If there are more players remaining on 7th street than there are cards remaining in the stock, the next card is placed in the centre of the table and is treated as a community card (like in hold'em).
  14. Where are the nay-sayers this year? The guy has already monied in 2 WSoP events (still alive in event #8 at final table) and won huge amounts of money this year in general.Way to go DN, keep up the good work.
  15. What's the exchange rate on the Brazillion dollar ?
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