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  1. haha my dad was the same way. his words were "i am this excites YOU." hahaha sucker i would clutter but it would take me 30 min to resize and then another 30 min to upload and post haha yeah they all started out with 100k in chips but all their stacks looked like that haha
  2. i was just in vegas this last weekend, sat at black jack tables and poker tables all through mgm and wasnt carded once. the black jack dealer asked me if i just turned 21 and i was like "yep, in april" then she said happy blated birthday. then she proceeded to take all my money, but i managed to get her number and now i have a date with her soon good luck with being under age dude may all your cards be live and your pots huge
  3. so i made a stop at the tournament on sunday right before it started to get some pictures and what not. here are a few i took. i have a bunch of other pictures but didnt want to clutter
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