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  1. I'm holding in my hands a $500 check from a Full Tilt processor and wondering if it's worth cashing. The funny thing is, I got it in the mail today! The 800 number on the check has a busy signal. I wonder if I should wait or head to the bank. It'll probably bounce...maybe buy a nice frame for it?
  2. I just started a podcast recently. We just reviewed True Grit, with TRON coming next week. This is "The Dude's" month. :)If anyone would be so kind and subscribe, we would appreciate a listen.The Movie Review Podcast
  3. and in today's headlines...Dallas police seek gunman in fatal pool hall shooting11:51 AM CDT on Sunday, May 23, 2010WFAA-TVDallas police are on the lookout for the man responsible for shooting two people at a pool hall early Sunday morning.One person was killed when the gunman opened fire at the Billar Los Compadres club in the 2000 block of South Beckley Avenue at 2:10 a.m.The Dallas County Medical Examiner's office identified the victim as Santiago Cuadros, 50.Another man, identified by police as 50-year-old Juan Carlos-Gonzalez Garcia, was shot in the left foot. He drove himself to a hospit
  4. so smart. way to be in insurance. i'm sure you did the world a great service.
  5. Let's ship about 5 million up to Minnesota and see how they feel about it. We'll see what happens when people start getting hit in traffic by illegals with no insurance. Every day in the paper down here Garcia is murdering Rodriguez. I thought people blasting rap music in their car was bad, try Tejano.10 years ago if Americans would have gotten off their asses and start mowing their own lawns, cooking and growing their own food, the problem wouldn't be near as large as it has become. We have only ourselves to blame.
  6. It's really easy for people up north to condemn the law when the problem isn't in their back yard.How do you like the rise in Tuberculosis? Thank you Mexico!
  7. Man, those bad beats never go away, do they?
  8. Yeah, I've tried to...the paper cuts ruin it.
  9. I have figured out that there are 2 things in life that make me bat shit crazy. Women, and poker. Good times feel good and when you're running bad, it's like trouble with your woman. It eats you up. POW
  10. I have windows mobile on my cell. I saw this thread and was intrigued. I was able to successfully play poker stars from my phone, even though it was ugly it worked.1. I had to download Remote Desktop Client for Windows Mobile 62. Install it on my phone3. Go into my router and setup forward port 3389 to my home pc that has poker stars installed.4. Launch Remote Desktop on the phone and set the display to 256 colors (this helped the performance greatly)5. Input your home's public ip address into the computer field and input the username and password to your home pc and tap connect.6. Now, the
  11. Man, I looked all the way through and didn't see it. Wow, that brought back a lot of memories though. Lot's of familiar "faces" in there.
  12. Howdy,It's been a long time since i've posted here. I'm looking for an avatar that i created back in 2005 for the Daniel's avatar thread. it's of him in a rasta hat smoking a j. It's one of my finer works and if anyone out there has a copy or knows where to get it I would be very thankful. My hard drive crashed and its gone forever. If you can help PM me. Thanks
  13. Doyle ran me over with that scooter about 2 years ago in the Rio casino. He apologized, I thought it was funny. Too bad I didn't get hurt
  14. The thing that disturbs me about this election is that a lot people (especially the younger generation) who support Obama are doing it because it's "cool" when they aren't really paying attention or researching anything at all about him, his past, and what he's going to do about all of these promises that he's making.The guy is way left with Marxist beliefs, he attended the Million Man March and met with Louis Farrakhan, then you have his pastor (which i think is being a bit over-blown), then his wife and her mouth. He's a one term senator in a state riddled with politcal corruption, and peop
  15. Well, I don't know if anyone kept up with this show but my friend Cas came in 2nd to the ventriloquist Terry Fator. It was a hell of a ride and many good things are going to come out of this for Cas. For anyone who watched and voted for Cas, thank you.
  16. Awesome, I do the website for his band woodbelly, hence my username. Check them out http://www.woodbelly.com.
  17. Only reason I ask is because my friend Cas Haley is on the show and is kicking arse.
  18. I am Nick Burns, your company's computer guy.Now MOVE! and YOURE WELCOME!!!
  19. I love it when my people refer to my profession as crap.
  20. I've always thought that bracelets were a bit gay. Rings and trophys should have been given from the get go. Pinky rings at that.
  21. Are you insane? Please be joking. You may as well call the Bush family royalty if you think that way. Could you imagine if he won how history would see the past 20 years? It would go something like this:BushClintonClintonBushBush BushYeah I see nothing wrong with that.....
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