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  1. So who still plays this game online?!?!?! I'm banned on Stars and Full Tilt (long story short the guy who was backing me is being accused of some sorta fraud by Pokerstars and since he came to my house once they banned my accounts too). But I have been playing a lot on Party Poker. It's horrible and you can't open more than 1 lobby without the whole program crashing, but the players are pretty much still living in 2000. Results since I started playing: http://officialpokerrankings.com/partypoker/luvthenyc/poker/ratings/C68573B45148412297BA3308006A05A0.html?t=3 And I know this shoul
  2. was unsatisfied with my once a year reading of fcp till this beauty. miss you all.
  3. you arent going to progress using low tier unless you have a really good understanding of top tier. the reason why it feels like you do better with low tier is because you end up relying on stupid gimmicks rather than getting a true understanding of SF. The match we had pretty much defines people who rely on gimmicks in long sets. They use their gimmicks to win early matches, then when they get adapted on, theres really nothing they can do. and having no scene isnt really an excuse. It may have been before but not now. The 2 best players in Toronto (IMO) dont even travel for tourneys, not even
  4. lol, i beat u like 20-2 Pick a real char and stop dicking around with Cammy.I went to this tourney on Sat, was my best placing yet. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=195844
  5. If he still doesnt get in the HoF its a travesty
  6. I wouldnt trade him he has such little value right now, I'd eat the spot and hope he comes back strong
  7. lol hanguk feel free to add me at tbauza17 on xbl. maybe weve played before if you run CE matches
  8. I like it...really really hate seths tho.Anyone know how to view replays?
  9. Hmm....It's not category based? I thought it would be like last year, unless it was voted differently, in which case I apologize
  10. 35 HRs in one week in both my leagues, sustainable?
  11. sorry i havent been around a lot i dont really post on fcp anymore so if im not logged on stars and the iwndow pops up i just miss it
  12. 30 HRs eh, ok do i get 30 on the nose?
  13. that sounds ridiculous.but yea, your teams kinda weak so far. Even for a 14 teamer you should have better pitchers. And you only have one OF too.
  14. I don't understand how that kind of draft works.
  15. I honestly dont get the bolded. And why on earth would you draft Mauer? Hes injured for like 2 months.
  16. ok I'll be nice and take Bengie Molina and Ubaldo Jiminez
  17. so I can take this zimmerman guy if I really wanted to?
  18. Hang on so I get anyone that was taken after gil meche?
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