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  1. Don't know if this has been brought up and I hope it is never an issue, but what will happen if a Final Table participant dies before the final table?
  2. I definitely suggest Weeds, great writing, insanely funny, and great acting. It also shows how funny Kevin Nealon can be when he has good material to work with (not the horrible SNL crap).
  3. No, didn't you hear, Hellmeuth was hit by a bus while selling bibles door to door to Mike Matusow.
  4. My name has nothing to do with drugs, you make alot of snap judgements with no real information, you are probably a Christian, but I digress. Sometimes words and several meanings too sir.You may think he is kidding around most of the time and sometimes it is just kidding around, but I have seen many instances of him on tv where he is be mean and hurtful. So if he is Bipolar, that gives him the right to be disrespectful to others? I think not sir.And if you read my previous posts, I do mention that I don't like people like Helmeuth and Tony G, but obviously you didn't.
  5. No I am not that person.Honestly I didn't mean to be insulting or hurtful to anyone that lost their money. Just hope that people will be more careful in the future.
  6. Just curious, happened to me yesterday playing live. Also I did win both hands and both hands involved all ins.Thanks
  7. Sucks that alot of you have lost your money, but did you really think your money was secure with an off shore company (whether it be Neteller or any online poker site), that can easily take your money and you have really no recourse to get your money back. It isn't like you can go to the police or anything.I tried online poker didn't like it at all and I play live, much easily to deal with. I do realize alot of you either don't have access to a real casino, prefer to play online, or are too young to play at a real casino.Good luck on getting your money back btw.
  8. I don't self medicate myself, way to assume things about people you don't know.You think Mike just puts up an act, you don't think that just for a minute he tries to be mean and hurtful with some of his comments? Youare truly stupid if you think it is just all innocent kidding around.
  9. I actually wasn't defending Daniel in this situation either, just saying that the idea that Matusow got offended by some comments was funny to me since I find the most insulting and annoying person I have ever seen at a poker table (Yes more that Hellmeuth and Tony G, though they are in my top 5).
  10. Yeah Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, MI, prolly about 6 hours or so away from Columbus, OH.Played there many times, it is ok at best.
  11. I have watched Mike insult, curse, degrade, and berate people for years (the Raymer incident in 04 comes to mind as a prime example), so the idea that he had his feelings hurt makes me laugh at him more than I usually do.I hate these people who generally say and do whatever they want then use the excuse "I was only kidding". Bullcrap!!!
  12. I agree, seat 1 saw alot of flops, not sure what he was trying to do, you aren't gonna buy the pot for $12 in that game most of the time and definitely not at this table.I had no clue what seat 5 was thinking, did he really think he had any shot at the hand at all, unless he was trying to get runner runner, lol.Obviously I don't blame seat 3 or 4 being in the hand.
  13. Not sure, but better comments then "All donks".
  14. I was sitting at the table when this happened, but I was not involved in the hand. Definitely the craziest hand I ever saw live. The game was $100 minimum buy in/$300 max buy in, blinds are $1/$2. This was a full table.It was folded around to a player in seat 1, he raised to $12, seat 2, 3, and 5 call.Flop comes 7 , 8 , 9 : , seat 1 is first to act and goes all in for $101, seat 2 raises to $202 and he has about $260 left, seat 3 thinks for about 2 minutes and goes all in for about $2,300, seat 5 thinks for about 20 seconds and goes all in for about $365. Seat 2 gets up says this is ins
  15. Ya, I was rereading the comments and realized I made a mistake, was wondering why people were hating on it
  16. Ah I think I made an error in my original post. The game is $300 minimum buy in, so you can come to the table with $300 and up. Sorry about that.Most people at the table come in with between $500 and $2,500, sometimes more.
  17. Ok, I will bite, why does the game suck? I make pretty decent money (at least I think so) most of the time at the game.
  18. How about using some of these terms below in place of sick.PoopyCrappyCraptacularBogusLameOWickedNippleyTim Allen
  19. Thank you for contributing nothing to the conversation, next time don't post at all. At least offer constructive criticizism.
  20. I am a pretty straight forward player, so I feel ok about my play, it is just once in a while I think I can extract more money if I played a little more sneaky every once in a while, but yeah you guys are correct 30 big blinds preflop is nothing to sneeze at either.Thanks
  21. I was playing in a 300NL game at a local casino yesterday and just wanted to know what others thought about my play. BTW the blinds are $5/$10.I have AA, there is a $20 straddle already and 3 positions away from the straddle., the player to the left of the straddle calls, the next 2 players fold, I raise to $100, it is folded around to the player to the left of the straddle.He seems like a good player and was playing tight/aggressive and I put him on QQ or KK. He reraises to $300, I think for a moment and go all in for my last $675 and he thought about it for about 15 seconds and folded.Shou
  22. You have never left your house have you?
  23. I really think they put him on again doing his really bad rapping to embarrass him, no one can honestly think he is any good at it.His rapping makes me hope to see a Phil Helmeuth interview and that is VERY BAD.
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