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  1. I believe the WPT only allows one logo item to be worn by each player.
  2. Meh that wasn't that insulting...you want insulting....So about that whole potato famine thing...you know you people live on an island surrounded by water that has some great fish in it? Couldn't ya'll find a freakin stick and some string?Oh yeah topic.... go JC and yay Kirk and stuff
  3. My favorite is the upset sigh bet. "siiiiigh I bet $1000" <sad face> It's never that hard or upsetting to bet out a hand or raise, yet newbs act like this all the time.I have done this myself with air as a reverse tell on experienced players who have never played with me before
  4. It's the Rhino AINECBut Scores LV should get a nod here as one of the nicest. Plus the head door guy is the brother of one of my good friend's from brooklyn, and my degen nyc buddy who I was there with is tight with the DJ who travels btw Scores LV and Flashdancers in NYC so we were hooked up big time there. Spent the whole night chilling in the DJ booth where every girl has to come to clock out for the night and tip the DJ. FYI best job in the world... strip club DJ in one of these big spots. This dude pulls $8K a week for travelling back and forth nyc to LV and playing cd's.
  5. Or....A mafia kingpin discovers the wonders of self pleasure in order to save the local synagogue.Cross cultural feel good hit of the year.
  6. From the website:An adorable panda cub discovers the wonders of self pleasure deep in the Compton Ghetto.I'd go see it.
  7. I agree 100% after the 1st two courses I thought BGC had it in the bag. If he hits that lobster dish right I think he wins this thing for sure.Oh yeah...Hung hater too here
  8. I have a plethora of gas.Thai food last night was yummy.
  9. WhoreBut what does a whore go as?
  10. yeffy

    Guess Their Age

    36 is juuuust fiiine I love women in their 30's 10 -20 times better in bed then girls in their 20's.
  11. yeffy

    Guess Their Age

    Actually I know multiple vain women who still do this. Mostly of the older generation. I actually dated a girl when I was 27 who told me she was 31. After we were going out for a while she was making fun of my license pic so I grabbed hers....duh duh duuuuuh soooprise! She was actually 35. And by that last comment without checking your profile I'm guessing you're 33.
  12. Some good ones from the party I was at last year and others from the past:Wear a shirt with a big letter "P" on it, and blacken one eye - Black Eyed PeaSkeleton body suit, with a bikini over it, big sunglasses, head band - Nicole RichieHipster clothes, shaved head, headphones, carry a tea pot - MobyYellow rain gear and rain hat - Gorton's FishermanWear a "Hello my name is Tom" sticker and look up skirts and down blouses - Peeping TomI'll remember some others but these were fun.
  13. Is a persimmon smart? Few people know what the hell they are which may be a sign of genius.Kumquats not so bright IMO.The genius of the fruit world...the Tomato. It has successfully convinced the world it's a vegetable while slipping itself in to every facet of world cuisine.Pineapple, the comedian of the fruit world.(oh and sadly I'm pretty sure Ryland is for real. Unless the whole ptspecial/fluffdog hanging out with him was an even more elaborate rouse. In which case Ryland would have to be Fluff.
  14. Eternal Sunshine of the blah blah blah
  15. No that was a blip in last weeks episode...only showed some girl handing him a drink then cut away.But what about the end??
  16. We had a German who was called Red Rocket, adolescence was a but rough for him...had ummm trouble keeping it holstered Maybe, maybe not. I trained working dogs...a lot more intense then raising a dog not to bite people or poop on the living room rug. But if training you should use Doodle (man I really hope you didn't name a dog magnadoodle...I had one idiot friend who named one of his dog's "Cat" and the other one was just called "Brown dog")
  17. QFTI read KC's blog entry and figured I'd check out the 1st part on my way out yesterday. Well I couldn't stop watching I had to see what this nut did next. Really different then most things out there he's fantastic.
  18. Aaaaaargh Life F'ing Tilt my Tivo appears to have cut off the very end of the episode.Does anything happen after she goes out in the street and picks up the book? Oh and I thought it was a great episode. The Haitian back in play, feudal Japan Hiro, psycho Petrelli Mom, limb growing...all good stuff. Weird that they gave us a quick glimpse of Sylar on the beach but he doesnt show up yet. Black slime girl is uber creepy. And whats with Kensei healing himself or being healed by Hiro?
  19. My college gf and I raised puppies for Guiding Eyes. So I have raised many puppies and many that are now working seeing eye dogs. The syllable thing is a good idea, but nicknames always work for shortening for training purposes, but something that I think is really important is the first sound in the name. It should really be a hard consonant. D's K's T's way better then N's S's M's etc. When that first sound comes out strong it makes the dog listen faster. "Kyle No!" is more effective then "Rufus No!" And when dealing with a dog that is prone to behavior problems this may be something you wan
  20. I've sat in these with the Buttkicker. Definitely get the Buttkicker if you go for them it's pretty awesome.
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