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  1. You should have included Late Night Poker for us Euros
  2. Any Intermediate or Advanced Microeconomics textbook that has a chapter or two on Game Theory, might open new ways of thinking about Poker. Even reading stuff about tacit collusion, price signalling, utility theory, profit maximisation might be of interest as well.
  3. And they show the same thing over and over again. It was OK for a while but there just isn't enough good poker about for these channels to be interesting.
  4. I missed the final hour as it was two in the morning and I couldn't keep my eyes open. I really didn't like Howard Lederer's commentary.
  5. I think some people have been saying that last years tournament is just being shown on US TV at the moment. It is an excellent series, well worth watching.Good to see Paul Jackson at the final table, he is probably the most successful tournament player on Ladbrokes and always comes across as being a really great guy.
  6. Uriah Heep

    Boxing Fans

    Nigel Benn vs. Chris Eubank I (1990)Good times for British boxing.
  7. I think I_knockyou_out is a gentleman called Patrick Antonius. He's had a couple of big finishes in the EPT recently.
  8. This has been shown on UK television before and is from 2004 (I think). I thought it was a great show.
  9. Now playing Orphaned Land - The Story of the Three Sons of Seven. Middle Eastern influenced Heavy Metal.
  10. I have to cheer on someone Irish and Andy Black is the only player I've spotted on cardplayer.
  11. I find Padraig Parkinson hilarious. The Devilfish as well.
  12. Semi true... Although some of them make more money playing poker. Cases in point Matthew Stevens, Jimmy WHite and I think Stephen Hendry supplements if not surpasses through poker.Steven Hendry has won over £7 million playing snooker and is still one of the top players. Do you really think that these guys can earn £300,000-£400,000 a year given their snooker schedules playing Poker? I honestly don't know but I'd be surprised if they could.
  13. She won the heat she was in (beating five other players in what is basically a crap-shoot), she didn't win the whole event as she was knocked out in her semi-final. It was televised on UK TV but I didn't see it.
  14. She won her seat in a freeroll, and before the WSOP she basically played low buy-in tournaments for fun. Of course she is going to be donkey, did you really expect her to be anything else?
  15. I'm not sure about John Higgins, but the other three have all become Poker nuts along with Steve Davis, Mark Williams and Matthew Stevens. As far as I can remember Steve Henry played the World Series Main Event this year and got put out when his Aces ran into quad deuces.
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