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  1. Watch until the end and they turn it off like that?
  2. Fight broke out but we didn't get to see much because they cut the camera but we heard loads of shouting etc, then when they came back 2 were gone from the table.
  3. I think they just found out that Jerry was too young to be eligible.PS. Ali, nice eyebrows.
  4. *heavy breath* "...What you wearing?"
  5. I went through this about a month ago. I had to make a large withdrawal from my bankroll and then immediately following that I went on a terrible run of cards.I ended up moving down to $50nl and was still getting beat heavily. I saw myself playing terrible raising with hands I know I shouldn't but utterly believed at the time I was doing everything right.I had moved from $500nl to $50nl, and a lot of the things that worked at $500nl just didn't stand a chance at $50nl.Had to cut the number of tables that I play way down and then force myself to play ABC poker, pocket pairs and big face cards,
  6. 1. download the .torrent file to your desktop2. download & install one of these programs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Free...Torrent_clients(Azureus is the best, but requires Java)3. run the program, go to file, open, select the .torrent that's on your desktop.4. the video will now be downloaded by the program using the information provided by the .torrent5. double click your downloaded file
  7. It's just an addiction to felt.Most people can live out their entire lives without even realising that they suffer from said addiction.Sadly, organisations set up to deal with this addiction receive little to no government funding, despite frequently lobbying attempts from various addiction organisations in the past few years.
  8. Ah I didn't actually look at the suits, I just saw the 7 and thought yuck.There's a reason I don't play Omaha... too much thinking involved.
  9. Just happened to have ordered Big Deal today.
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