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  1. I am strugglying with situations like these. Thoughts on this line with a mid-pair. This type of situation seems to occur reasonably frequently in the aggressive six man games: I get 3-bet out-of-position by a laggy type player with a really wide range but I have a playable hand. Options:1) Fold - Totally out of the question2) Call preflop - check flop and make descision based on his play. I really don't like this option facing a continuation bet.3) Call preflop and lead reasonable flops. Cheaper then re-raising but applies pressure.4) Re-raise preflop. Seems a bit spewy.Thoughts?PokerStars No
  2. I bet this everyday including Sundays. In my mind:1) We have a decent chance of taking down the pot right here representing the ace. Unless something insane is going on the raiser doesn't have an ace.2) A bet sets up a free card from AJ, AT and A-rag on the turn and a sexy value bet on the river that has a decent chance of getting called.3) If we get raised I seriously consider folding if it is decent sized but I don't feel like we get raised here very often.
  3. 1) I start betting on the flop. We want to charge the flush draw the maximum. Also, the guy only has 60 BB blinds behind so I look to get the money all in. If he has us beat its a cooler life goes on.2) This is really a borderline c-bet. It really depends on the players that called the raise. My guess is that at these stakes, we don't want to be c-bet here to often as we are going to get called far to often. If we were on the button I would probably c-bet more often. Calling the river I would guess is neutral to slightly +EV no problems there.3) I look to get this all-in. Screw him pushing you
  4. I would be ramming and jamming this flop. I want to get in as much as the money here as possible.A spade could really kill your action from hands like a set or 2 pair or even AK and any other hand we crush. If he flopped a flush and lead out with it so be it; life goes on.
  5. Do you really thing a "very weak fish" is laying down a weak ace on this board.Hero bets out none the less. There are a bazillion holdings he calls with that you beat.
  6. The games have also gotten tougher over the last little while. With the whole online gambling thing.50 NL is very beatable. He said you were overly aggressive. Have you tried 6 max?
  7. Never posted one of these.Recover from a rough month. I must have been one of Lee's chosen few because when he quit I went set over set at least once each session I have played this month. Considering how badly I have run the damage wasn't that bad.Now that school is done I would like to concentrate on poker a bit more.Bankroll today: $2600End of the month I would like this to be over $3.5K playing mostly SH 100 NL.I would also like to begin playing live more as I am moving to an oil boom town that is rumored to have a juicy scene.
  8. Gotta call. There is really no reason to believe he has the flush. Hell we might win here every once in a while. people are dumb.There is a decent chance he would have semi-bluffed it on the flop with a flush draw so I would discount that slightly.
  9. Not sure I like the limp in early position. I either raise or fold here.Bet the flop like you mean it: 3/4 of the pot at least. Me thinks he floated the flop with AK-AJish. Check and fold.
  10. Ram and Jam. Checking to him in the hope that he bluffs gives up way to much value me thinks. He might call with KQ-KJ, AK, AJ and some other crazy random shiznac.We aren't deep enough to worry about the board pairing.
  11. I think he has a weak top pair or a flush draw often enough that 4-1 is more then enough EV to make this call.I think this is bad players trying to be aggressive often enough at these stakes.
  12. I thought Brian Townsend played really well. I really like his game.Brad Booth played well also.
  13. I have been overbetting of late in situations like this. The logic being that players seem to be calling with the flush, two pair, etc regardless of bet size.In there minds they have decided that they are calling and they don't really stop to think about the bet size.
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