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  1. I have never seen Wilfred nor do I have any idea what it is. Thank you.
  2. Hey RTB, if you like the Myron Bolitar and Andy Carpenter series, you will most likely love the Donovan Creed series by John Locke. The only problem is that series is only on Kindle, but the good news is the books are only 99 cents each.. I got the Kindle app on my Ipod Touch and ate all 6 or 7 or 8 of those books up within a few weeks. If you are able to read them, let me know what you think.
  3. Bad Teacher...I thought Cameron Diaz was old...Her body disagrees
  4. The rules have changed in high school and maybe I don't watch enough game by game of the pros, but I don't seem to see a lot of takeout slides at 2nd base anymore. Not that it's not allowed, just that people don't do it anymore, for whatever the reason may be. I don't understand why it seems to be going away.
  5. I am a die hard Giants fan and have been my whole life, but I have also been around baseball in some capacity my whole life as well and have coached the high school level for the last 5 years. I just give that background so you don't think I'm some idiot who just loves violence. Of course being a Giants fan, I love Posey, but I have to say that's just a baseball play. It wasn't dirty or malicious at all in my opinion. It's within the rules to try to jar it loose from the catcher and you see plays like that at home at least a few times per year (maybe not with the extreme launch from the ru
  6. Dogfight, A Love Story by ??? Burgess. Pretty good. Jackpot and Wildcard on the ITouch by James Swain. I guess they are only available through Kindle though.
  7. That's kinda how I felt after I read Bastard out of Carolina, but I know that was not YA. Your feelings of the book remind me of how I felt after reading Bastard. I'm going to check out Citrus County now for sure. Thanks.
  8. Also read the Hunger Games trilogy and enjoyed them. Just finishing "Full Dark, No Stars" by Steven King and have really been pulled in by the writing in the few stories so far....maybe I should read his other 500 novels he has out.
  9. That was one of the most entertaining fights I have seen in a while and it was only 2 rounds! The spinning back elbow or whatever it was had the guys I was watching it with up on our feet. He's a beast!
  10. JON.....BONES....JONES! That is all
  11. Oh...my...god! Thank you for giving me this Charlie! It's like he lost a piece of his brain....great, now I'm sounding like one of his interview answers.
  12. Crooked Letter Crooked Letter....heard good things about it and started off like it could have been real good, but didn't see the greatness in the ending. But I'm pretty stupid.
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