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  1. This reminds me so much of 2006...except ten times worse. I feel so bad for all the US players about to lose their livelihood. Thank God I only have a few bucks online anymore. Guess I'm gonna get my last fix on FTP until I can't anymore. I guess non-US players will be fine except that games will only become drier. After '06 things dried up considerably because the average donkey couldn't get his money online anymore. Now I guess it gets even worse, GG poker boom.
  2. So, watching the Colorado/Philly game last night I was really torn on who I wanted to win. On the one hand, the Dodgers have absolutely torn Colorado apart all season, so I'd love to play them, however, the weather conditions in Colorado right now are pretty terrible and with the Dodgers being a warm weather team, I fear we could have problems there. On the other hand, we didn't do as well against Philly this year and it can get cold there too, so I just don't know who to root for. Curious what other Dodger fans like PMJ think and whether anybody thinks we have a real chance, or if we're ju
  3. Yeah, Yahoo default tiebreaker is ERA. Good battle.
  4. I think Mr. Savage makes a very good point. I recently played in tournament with a $240 buy-in that started with 5k in chips. The structure looked great at the beginning first level was 25/50 for an hour, then levels went to a half hour. But, things deteriorated fairly quickly and with about 100 people left (of the 700 who started) and only maybe 6 hours into the tournament the blind were 3k/6k with a 300 ante and the chip average was something like 35k. That's just silly IMO. All of the money is at the final table, you shouldn't have be flipping coins for it when you get there.
  5. Actually, you don't play nitty. You can play a ton of hands pre-flop. The key is that you're not going to win with anything really less than two pair or 3 of a kind, so you need to be playing hands that can make straights and flushes. You should be fairly aggressive both pre and post flop, getting in money when you have the best hand and getting away from it when you don't.
  6. I stand corrected...I agree with pretty much everything you just wrote.
  7. Yeah, in this game...raising 66 pre-flop in this spot is a huge leak.
  8. I'm curious...what are you hoping to accomplish by checking this river? Are you giving up on the hand? Are you trying to catch a bluff?I'm not saying it's terrible, I'm just curious to know why you checked a non-scary river card when you bet every other street. Personally, when I see .02/.04 I hearken back to my days at .5/1 on Party a few years ago. Back then there were many players who would call two streets here, but fold the river. Personally, if I'm going to continue my c-bet on the turn here (and I probably would), I'm betting again on the river. It's pretty much a bluff, but it ke
  9. This isn't a tremendous flop for your hand, but I submit that it really doesn't matter all that much. It's 4/8 and based on your reads, these guys aren't tremendous players. You should be betting this flop for 2 reasons, value and to charge them if they have something like backdoor diamonds or one pair. For instance, one of these guys could easily have 66 and that makes the turn card very much not a blank, you don't want to give anyone a free draw to a 2-outer. You want to bet and if they call, great you make money on it...if they fold, oh well. As played, I think I also raise this turn.
  10. Congrats Zimmer....I remember when you were first starting out on FCP. It's so awesome to see all of the guys who came up with me on FCP hitting it big. JC, Hoosier, Looshle (I'm sure I'm forgetting some others) and now Zimmer with a huge score. Just wait til he's old enough to hit the live circuit.
  11. Which FCPer is Adam Junglen? I feel like I should know this, but....
  12. I too feared Ned because he worked under Brian Sabean who I have long thought was a terrible GM. I thought they let Depodesta go way too early (didn't give him enough time to get things right). But, in the end Colletti looks like a genius. Honestly, I think the scouting department should get the most credit for some very good drafts that the Dodgers had. I think the Dodgers of the last two years are a combination of 3 things, all of which were necessary to turn the team into a winner. 1) the maturation of several talented young players that Colletti stubbornly refused to part with over th
  13. This is a tough one, I think it depends alot on game texture. At these stakes, my instinct would be to go ahead and fold, but I can make an argument for raising to get the pot heads-up. This is a pretty good flop for 66 and the bettor doesn't HAVE to have a Jack here. However, there are enough people in the pot to make a Jack fairly likely for someone, so I think I lean towards folding this in a spot like this.
  14. Wow! I don't really know Ozi that well...and I certainly dislike his Pittsburgh Steelers allegiance. But, my heart goes out to him and his family. Get well soon.
  15. I dunno about the cashes record, but he hasn't won a bracelet this year. Obv he's still washed up.
  16. redpill....haha, I remember those days.
  17. Wishing the best of good luck to AK. Take it down sir!
  18. Happy Birthday you crazy bastard.Of course, I knew several hours in advance that you were going to make this thread. You see, I have this software that allows me to see which threads are going to be posted before they're posted.
  19. About the bolded part. I'm sorry, that must have been hell.
  20. Pretty sure McDermott is the only one of these guys who knows how to play poker. Of course, Will Hunting could probably pick it up pretty fast, but assuming no prior knowledge of how to play be Will, I think Mike would win the first time.
  21. I love how the host pretty much called that guy out and told him he was making stuff up. LOL.
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