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  1. OK, I have just sat down with $200 at the $1-$2 NL game in Reno at Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. It's an annual work trip, I played there last year and seemed pretty soft in all games, so I was feeling good. First 5 or so hands I get nothing and fold all PF. I got a good read on several players though.The hand in question, I'm in Seat 5. Folds until guy next to me (who seems to call and chase with anything- just lost about half his stack chasing a flush and is down to $100 or so) limps. I look down at 5-5 and raise it to 3XBB ($6). All folds until BB (who looks like a grizzled, solid,
  2. Actually Al Gore has supported this for years as part of sustainable development policies! This idea of market based incentives for pollution is actually a great way to minimize the economic impact of industry moving to newer cleaner fuel. It incentivizes companies to do it. Those that are willing to invest in these new technologies not only reap the benefit of lower energy costs, they are able to profit from selling their alloted but now unused carbon footprint. Hence, it makes it more cost effective to do this. It's a pro-business and pro-environment.
  3. No, I looked all around website, just seems dead...sucks I feel good tonight!
  4. What does Quantum Field Theory have to do with this?
  5. Great post, lots to think about. Thanks for taking the time to type it all out, bro.
  6. Phil Hellmuth's Results this WSOP:So, 6 cashes (pushing record to 55), a 10th Bracelet, and $1,130,559 in winnings. All in all, not a bad few weeks work.2006 37th Annual World Series of PokerNo-Limit Hold'em 07/25/2006 1 $631,863.002006 37th Annual World Series of PokerNo-Limit Hold'em Short Handed 6/Table 07/22/2006 44 $8,340.002006 37th Annual World Series of PokerOmaha High-Low 8/OB 07/17/2006 6 $48,576.002006 37th Annual World Series of PokerNo-Limit Hold'em 07/06/2006 2 $423,893.002006 37th Annual World Series of PokerLimit Hold'em 07/04/2006 13 $10,309.002006 37th Annual World
  7. That is just fantastic. Exactly how it would read on Cardplayer.com updates too. "Who wants to give the first guy out of the Main Event a lap-dance?""Uh, Not you, Matusow- what are you, broke again?"
  8. Hilarious! NH, sir.So, we got back to my room, I pulled out my 8-inch diamond-cutter, and...
  9. No, no, no! Just saw you get knocked out...AK vs AJ That was just an awful beat man- great playing. Needed more FCP karma
  10. I think is is a funny marketing thing. I know I laughed just seeing it. Plus, it does show that Phil is willing to laugh at himself and that he realizes he is an a-hole sometimes. Give him credit at least for letting the company he works for make fun of him and being able to laugh about it.
  11. I like to listen while playing to long DJ mixes by Shiloh- lots of cool free downloads at hybridized.orgIt's all free, and you can get hours and hours of stuff from SHiloh, Hybrid, Nick Warren, V-Sag. Mostly progressive trance stuff. Otherwise, I think we listen to similar stuff- Tiesto, Van Dyk, et cetera. You might try- Gabriel & Dresden if you like kind of poppy stuff, Alex Stealthy or James Holden for deeper.
  12. http://www.pokerwire.com/audio/WSOPCT-NegHeadsUp.mp3Same Jen as earlier interview...with question from fans. Very short one this time...
  13. Awesome job, man. Hope the tourney went well for you.
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