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  1. I have played in daily tourneys at both casinos over the last couple of years and enjoyed/had some success in both. I am going to be in Vegas for a couple of days next week and wanted to see if anyone had thoughts on which series to play. Some things I have been able to find....CP seems to offer more starting chips for your money and 50 min levels. I can not find what the Venetian levels will be set at. Looking back at previous Venetian Deep Stack tournys they have very big fields for 1 day tourneys. I can't find any history on the CP tourneys to compare.Just looking for thoughts...
  2. did anyone else notice what this guy did when Raymer busted out. I kept rewinding it on my tivo and while everyone was standing and clapping it looked like he was giving the "jacking off" symbol. He is in the background of the sceen when Mike is clapping for Raymer. If you have it on tivo take a look at it. I may be wrong, but would like to see if anyone agrees with me.
  3. Does anyone know where the money came from? Is it a true freeroll, or did they take a piece of each ofthe previous events to make the payout for this event? I think this question has a lot to do with it? If ESPN is putting up their money then they can do what they want, but my opinion would change if they took money from previous events.Anyone know?
  4. i am heading to Vegas tomorrow and I am going to play in the $500 tourny on Wed. Has anyone on here played in this? Just curious on what the structure is. Starting stack? Blind Structure? How long it normally last? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. the adverstisment says that it is live...but it also promotes jesus, sidel, and ivey...is this assuming that ivey is not in the WSOP ME anymore? That was the only thing i saw contridicting the "live" part.
  6. I have a question about a No Limit Holdem tournament situation that came up tonight in our game. I couldnt find the answer in many online "rule books." I would appreciate an answer. Please answer if you know it.Here is the situation... Dealer-Me Small Blind-Player 1 Big Blind-Player 2 1st Position- Player 3 The hand finishes and Player 1 (in the small blind on the hand is elimnated) The question is who becomes the dealer and who post the 2 blinds on the next hand. I thought the dealer button stayed with me (or the seat with the missing player) and Player 2 posted small and Player 3 posted
  7. There is no reason for Annie Duke to be in there, but she will be since she is defending champ.Here are the 10 that i think WILL get in, not who i think should....Annie (defending champ)WSOP '05 winnerPhil Hellmuth...makes great TV, most Holdem bracelets, etc...Daniel N...WSOP player of year, cardplayer of year, etc...Doyle...obvious reasonsJohhny Chan...He has overcome the Asian snubPhil Ivey...he does deserve it, but have you noticed ESPN(Norman Chad's obsession with him. He will be in.Chip Resse...TV really pumps this guy up to the uneducated viewers. He has never done much on T
  8. who is quiet lion on full tilt? What does it mean if your name is in red?
  9. i have only played in vegas and lousiana...and i fell like the LA games are much easier. The only problem is there are not many high limit games. Most of the no limit games are 1/3 blinds with 200 buy in.
  10. I am going to be traveling through Europe for about 5 weeks in May and June of this year. A couple of buddies and I are going to be backpacking through France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech, Austira, and Italy. I was wondering if anyone had played poker over there and maybe had some suggestions on where to go? Are there any major differences is there game/ettiqute? I know omaha is very popular. I dont know if we will even play...just curious.
  11. has anyone played at the Palms? Do you know how big (avg buy in) the NL games are?
  12. I just found out that i am going to vegas tomorrow. Got a great deal to leave tomorrow and come back on Sunday. It is just going to be my friend and I. We are just going to find some cheap hotel when we get there. This will be my 5th time to be there so we dont care about seeing anything, but poker and craps.I know that a lot of casinos have added poker rooms recently. I have played at Bellagio, Mirage, and The Orleans in the past. Are there any other rooms that are better than Bellagio and Mirage? Are there going to be many tables at Bellagio since the tourny is going on? Is the tourn
  13. Just registered for fulltilt and put a small deposit in. I normally play on UB, but i figured playing in these cheap HORSE tournys will help my overall game. I play Holdem, Stud, and Omaha reguarly. Not a big fan of High low games and have never played razz in my life. I am about to read Hellmuth's section on Razz in his book to get the basics down...this should be interesting.
  14. Pocket 10's. My friends and i call them pocket binary. It works in so many ways...1s and 0s are used in binary, and 1010 is the #10 in binary code.I thought it was coolWhen you turn them over tell people you have the "pocket binary." It scares them into thinking you are some kind of math wizard.
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