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  1. I really hate to admit it...but these are the movies I can watch over and over again whenever they are on:1. Iron Eagle2. Tron3. Amazing Grace and Chuck(no..not a porn..it's about nuclear weapon)4. War GamesI know....sad.
  2. so in other words. . . You'd use the blood from her tampon as ketchup?not very original. I prefer to freeze them and eat them like popcicles so you can savor the taste, all sentimental and shit I threw up a little in my mouth after reading that. Thanks guys.
  3. Just be honest with her on the next date. This way she can decide on her own whether or not she wants to continue seeing you for the 4 weeks or wants to end it right away.
  4. I love that Daniel gives us information on what is going on with his life besides playing poker. I am a huge DN fan and I enjoy all the blogs equally.
  5. Congrats to you and Lori, Daniel. I hope you have a long and beautiful life together.
  6. I agree. ..it's great. I'm gonna pick up a tank with the heart shark, I'll wear it when i go to Vegas next month. Of course, from what I hear I'll freeze my tookus off in the casinos, but it'll be worth it!
  7. "DON'T call DN's house he will not let you crash their just because your a FCP's"Dammit! That was the master plan all along! Oh well.
  8. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I will check out the websites you suggested. This should be a good time, if i don't lose my shirt! :-)
  9. Hey all! I am going to Vegas for the first time ever the end of Sept. and I am so psyched. Any ideas on what to do or where to go? I'm still working on my poker skills, so I am a little leary about jumping in a poker room and losing all my hard earned money. I would love some suggestions. Thanks!
  10. Congrats to you and Lori! I wish you all the best and a long, happy life together.
  11. I personally think Daniel is smokin' hot. Just sayin'. :oops:
  12. Those pictures were awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!
  13. That is just too cool! Thanks for the story and the great pic!
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