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  1. would it be possible to dedicate a whole forum to kathy liebert bashing? i too have an almost irrational hatred of her for really no "good" reason. we all know how frustrating this game can be, and im thinking we can use the forum for something like a prosaic stress ball.
  2. im the juggernaut biiitch! hahahahahaha that **** is funny!
  3. all true but man that was great to watchoh yeah daniel is getting crushed as well down something like 750,000 over 2 days, very very gross.
  4. haaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! if you didnt see it check out, high stakes poker on gsn grab a torrent from pirate bay tommorow if you didnt catch it. well worth the watch, oh yeah esfanderi had a nice beat laid on him too.
  5. sounds sweet, lets roll, im starting the buffalo bills of poker.
  6. just for the record i really tried to do this but its always full! can i have some free stuff anyway?
  7. yahoo is poopiewhat is there, like a 10 person limit per group?
  8. i had a similar experience at rapemybankroll.com those guys are real jerks!
  9. as to the question at hand, when you wager an amount that can be covered by an opponent still in the hand that money is no longer yours, you may get it back, assuming you win the hand, but from the moment the money is wagered until the pot is dragged one way or the other, the money in the pot belongs to everyone still in the hand.it may be annoying but technically the announcers are correct, although i dont disagree that pointing out the profit taken by each player dragging a pot would be a welcome addition.some comments on the show in general:i love it, man i want to sit down at that game and
  10. got a few i havent seen here:2 5 cajun slick, not sure why but i heard asfandiari say it on a wpt showj 7 is the glitch b/c q 7 is computer.q 10 quentinkq cucumber
  11. omg, tony g is in the NHUC, oh god i cant wait!!!!!!
  12. if anyone can tell me when they start the steps satelites for the 2006 wsop on party id be much obliged.
  13. yeah i have an existing account but id be willing to make a new account if its possible to get some rakeback love. if anyone uses this dude could you post to confirm offer.
  14. thats it, just wanted to give a shout to the hard work.
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