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  1. Still haven't even received the box to send it back in. 2 weeks already.
  2. 5 straight turnovers? Really? GG Cowboys.
  3. Glad he's here. Wish it didn't take so long though :)We still have 3 ish M left under the cap this year too and could be looking to buy still. (Gaborik? Horton?) As long as Lu comes back healthy I think the Nucks have a serious shot this year.
  4. I was beaten to the punch however. Uncool.
  5. Got the dreaded RRoD last night. Guess it'll give me a few weeks to catch up on PS3 and Wii. Still unhappy though :)O well. Resistance 2 / LBP time I guess.
  6. Slow weekend = Busy movie weekendNarnia-Prince Caspian MehPineapple Express Pretty funny/Pretty stupidChangeling Excellent Traitor Another excellent. Really enjoyed itIncredible Hulk Was good but never would have watched it if it wasn't Ed Norton.
  7. WantedIt felt like an 80 minute movie stretched into 2 hours. Bad script, bad acting, just bad. That being said, there is some cool stuff in there. Just didn't enjoy the overall experience.
  8. http://nintendo8.com/game/618/blades_of_steel/I remember playing Blades as a kid and making sure it was tied at the end so we could play the shootout. Definitely a classic.
  9. So obv we win both and it's a non issue. Still not sure if the Canucks are as good as they have looked. Guess time will tell.
  10. Luongo is sitting Thursday. I totally understand he should get a day off on one of these back to backs. But why against Minnesota? I'd MUCH rather he sat tonight and played in the division game tomorrow. Yes I'd like to win both but given a choice I'd rather win the Minny game and we have a much better shot at it with Lu between the pipes. End mini rant.
  11. Finished Gears 2 in coop. Sort of spoilers
  12. I guarantee you it is against the rules. It's called collusion. Perhaps you should look it up.
  13. and now we have Resistance 2. WAYY to many games. How the hell do I decide if i play Gears 2 Fallout 3 Far Cry 2 or Resistance 2
  14. Work in distribution. Although we got this one even earlier then most.
  15. Grabbed Gears 2 today. Am trying to wait patiently so me and my friend can coop it first time through like we did for original Gears but it seems unlikely that I will wait til 10 tonight.
  16. Picked up Fallout this morning. Far Cry is getting put to the side. I love Fallout
  17. Should be getting Fallout today at worst tomorrow but for X360. I'll let you all know what I think. Just finished up Fable 2. Wow short game. To be fair I didn't do many sidequests. I really just wanted to play through it now and beat it and then I'll go back to it later when I don't have a pile of AAA games waiting. :)Starting Far Cry 2 now.
  18. Another ridiculously busy week for games. Fallout 3Far Cry 2Fable 2Guitar Hero 4Still trying to finish up Dead Space as well. I've skipped so many games recently as well. Fracture, Silent Hill, Golden Axe, SOCOM, Midnight club. Too many games not enough time
  19. Been playing Little Big Planet. I know I will be in the minority but I am thoroughly unimpressed. I'm sure it would be cool to make some of the cool stuff I've seen but it takes WAY to long to build it.
  20. ZohanIt was fine. Had it's funny moments and the regular Sandler style.
  21. Scrubs LostChuck EarlPTIMythbustersWeedsSNFMNFDragons Den
  22. Heroes got taken off my list of series recordings after that HORRIBLE premier. Not getting me to watch another season of crap. Fool me once .....
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