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  1. Yeah it wouldnt let me submit past that part either. Had to use ewalletXpress for bodog to get my money out. Sucks I have to wait to verify everyhting. I need my money.
  2. I am using Epassporte. They allow deposits to Pokerstars and Fulltilt
  3. Opened up an epassporte account this morning. Waiting for the small deposits
  4. Dear Mr. XXXXX,Thank you for contacting Bodog Customer Service. As you may already be aware, we are no longer able to process deposits from Neteller. We know that you have used this method recently to fund your account and wanted to reassure you that payouts via Neteller can still be requested and will continue to be processed to your Neteller account for the time being. For future deposits into your Bodog account, we have a number of convenient options available. Our Instant Check method is a fast, free and secure way to transfer funds to your Bodog account directly from your US bank account
  5. Sweet staying there in March. Also anyone want to explain why my plane ticket was almost 200 extra during the month of March? I know people who had like 1 month to fly out ot vegas in January for like 280. Is there a big convention or something? Maybe March Madness for betting? I bought mine in December out of jacksonville florida.
  6. Thanks for explaining more of what I meant (not being sarcastic). If money is to be made then I am sure someone will step up.
  7. Still not worried. I will be worried when they block every single deposit option you can do. That wont happen since new sites will start up.
  8. Does he have to pay taxes on that million?
  9. I would email again. I had to email them a couple of times before they would accomplish anything I asked them to do.
  10. Any questions about depositing money on a poker site is always ... always Neteller.
  11. Brian Townsend (sp?) High Stakes online player
  12. Saw this pic in 2+2 was this the girl you saw?
  13. Yeah I am not happy with Full Tilt Support right now either. I was joking in the chat box and asked Gus for 50k. They banned my chat for a month. Saying I was begging for money. I wasnt being serious and even wrote them about it and they still wont reinstate for a month.
  14. Just what the title says promo that bodog is doing. From now until December 31st, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to convert your Bodog Poker Points into dollars.Each block of 667 points is worth $10 and points are converted in minimum blocks of $10 up to a maximum of $200.To convert your poker points and to see complete promotion rules, please visit: http://www.bodog.com/promotions/poker/poin...amp;u=106835899
  15. Bodog is fairly decent site.
  16. Full Tilt Poker Game #1295000372: $25,000 Guarantee (8748380), Table 132 - 60/120 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:17:33 ET - 2006/11/23Seat 1: l3cl3c (7,195)Seat 2: joules360 (4,160)Seat 3: JHB913 (3,735)Seat 4: ser9700 (4,025)Seat 5: mrdestiny2 (1,890)Seat 6: HoosMoney (1,485)Seat 7: the_Tzar (3,805)Seat 8: dolp13 (3,015)Seat 9: wutwut00 (4,310)the_Tzar posts the small blind of 60dolp13 posts the big blind of 120The button is in seat #6*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to HoosMoney [Ah Qs]wutwut00 foldsl3cl3c calls 120joules360 foldsJHB913 foldsser9700 foldsmrdestiny2 foldsHoosMoney raises to 540the_Tzar folds
  17. 1845 Everyone time around its getting raised up big. Need to pick up a hand soon.
  18. Starts at 10 EST. Anyone else playing this? 24+2 buy in.In as HoosMoney
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