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  1. Where were these games socal?
  2. Looks much different than a fiji bottle
  3. He is a sick, sick man. I think he needs to push on the end though. I think is play looks like a big draw, q10 clubs, something in there, and he can take it down on the end. I realize that is a scary card for him if David is on a draw, but with all that committed, I think he has to do it.
  4. Thanks for the tip on the 5-5 socal. Does that Cody kid, with the spikey hair and who always wears the b-ball jerseys, still populate the "big" NL game? He was a great person to have in games.
  5. Think I am going out there after class on thursday to check the tourney and cash game situation out. Hope they have the 5-5 going. Anyone interested in making it an FCP-filled field?
  6. Did you qualify for the WSOP ME on Stars? Are you going to be 21 by the summer?
  7. My college is free and clear thanks
  8. Okay, no need to sink to your level and drag this out. Have a nice life.Enjoy another losing season too. What a waste of money.
  9. No, not all. I am proud to be saving myself for marriage and I do not appreciate being told what I do and do not do. Get a life.
  10. Yeah, that is just hilarious that I have morals, isnt it?
  11. I chose USD because San Diego is a whole heck of a lot nicer than Berkley, New haven, NJ, etc. More things go into making a choice of univerisites than overall rank or prestige. USD is a top business school and has many connections with top San Diego and national companies. Where'd you go chump? Cal Poly SLO?And I doubt he is a better player. No one addressed you, so you should keep your mouth shut.And dont be calling me buddy.
  12. Well, since you brought it up, the only schools I go rejected by, that I applied to where Harvard and Stanford. Got into all the UC's I applied to, and Yale and Princeton. I am graduating from USD in May and have been accepted to the Wharton School of Business for my MBA and am chosing between going there or USF for a masters in Sports Management. And, seeing as I am not a viewer of pornography, I do not know the answer to your question, but have heard it from a number a friends that I have attending UCSB.
  13. Yea, players definately play higher live. I play up to 500NL and 8-16 limit live but dont go beyond 25 dollar buy-in games online. It just seems to be how it is.
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