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  1. well total shot in the dark here cause MP and LP are getting such a good price that they could easily have big drawing hands or already hold the nuts...Ill take a shot though....Button- 44BB- Club DrawMP-A5LP- 56clet me know what they really were...thats a crazy hand.
  2. Hello, I'm a dealer at a card club here in San Diego and the answer to your question is NO. All raises do not have to verbally declared. If you put all three racks in the middle they are in play. It is chrystal clear you were raising and I'm assuming the dealer at your table is either inexperienced and or already had to call the floor a bunch that day and just wanted to make sure what was going on before any sort of dispute formed.
  3. Caesers or MGM are my favorites. Best time at Caesers is weekends right when everybody is leaving the nightclub Pure which is right by the poker room. You get lots of drunks who move cash like they're allergic to it. MGM gets lots of young kids who think they're much better than they are and will give you all their money.
  4. without a doubt JIMMY FRICKE. I would LOVE to see that beautiful face in Hi Def
  5. he could very well be making 600 more right there on the flop because he doesnt want to see anymore cards with his AJ or KJ. That is a tough one but for me It would totally depend on what feel I had for the guy.
  6. you played the hand right. There is just so many hands he would min raise you with that you have beat.
  7. with 4 players on the flop I would've bet a bit more. That is a scary board with 2 other players on the turn to Check. Especially considering the players called a raise on the flop it is very likely that 1 of the players was holding some sort of draw.
  8. Good Read... Sorry It didn't turn out better for you.
  9. out as well...How brutal My AK didnt catch up to KK..Im so unlucky
  10. Yeah really... That call Tran made with a pair of 3's on a board with 4 hearts for %90 of his stack is just sick.
  11. Anyone want to make a side bet on who has more chips going in to the final table? You pick any 2 guys and I pick any 2 guys and if your player has more chips you win. Any player excluding Lee Childs just because everyone else is pretty close in chips. let me know Ill bet from $5 to $20 on FTP whatever...just for fun...
  12. Yeah, I would imagine a guy with his skill wouldn't have a problem getting backed
  13. Did any of you guys see that kid Theo Tran at the final table of the $1000 w/ rebuys event at the W.S.O.P.? I was watching the online broadcast and man this kid was impressive. He made a nice call against I believe the chip leader.He had AK chip leader had K8. neither of them connected and the chip leader bet big on the turn and river and Tran called him down. Then he made a sick sick play... Tran had QJ other guy had AQ. Tran raised preflop, dude with AQ re raised and tran called. Flop came K x x. guy checks, Tran bets 300k guy calls. turn is another blank guy leads for 400k tran only had l
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