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  1. Thanks for the tip on DC..I picked up a memebership and now have every O8 video they have downloaded to my iPod!! And it has actually helped quite a bit so far...a few new ways of looking at a few diff hands ect
  2. You could try C bet the flop and push the turn....should work evertime but the last
  3. Ok so I datamine, use PTO and AceHud. These together generally give me a wealth of knowledge about my opponents when i'm sitting at the tables, but I really feel like i'm lacking in my note taking. Genereally I'll open the notes I have on players ands its something like..."weak aggressive in O8 5/10" or something along those lines...I feel like I should be doing a little better than that.What kind of notes do you guys generally use?
  4. Hey everyone,I'm looking for a software program that will record my screen while I play. I'd like to run a few SnGs and Post them on my website to allow you guys to give me imput on how you may have done things different. I'm not a holdem player at all (I prefer taking advantage of the limitless bad players at O8) but would like to learn the proper way to run SnGs. I have read threads and articles on how to play NL SnG's ect but feedback from a community you value opinions from is priceless (insert random priceless posts below).Also I havn't been able to find the answer to this via my less t
  5. I have A LOT of free time on my hands these days with my current job and was wondering if anyone does any sort of regular "training techniques" outside of actually playing poker to sharpen their skills?I remember when I first learned poker years and years ago I actually made flash cards and memorized the odds of making hands based on the number of outs left in the deck ect....this was before i learned the # of outs x 2 or 4 trick lol.I also use to lay out 3 cards and then tell myself the top 5 hands.All of these things are trivial these days, but i'm just curious if any of you actually do anyt
  6. If your playing poker as a Job then treat it like one and get on a regular schedule. Take lots of short breaks and step away from the computer during these times.If poker isn't a job....well just play w/e games/limits you can afford without going broke and stop worring so much about building a roll
  7. Looks to be 80 for "high stakes" everything above .5/1 cash games and 22 tournies...the low stakes is 55But most importantly they don't have Omaha software
  8. You were added as my Friend via the Referal thing on the new account setup page. Not sure when or how much money you get but enjoy it
  9. The second half of the article was good...no idea what the first half said thanks to your avatar
  10. Hey guys,I'm moving over to UB to play as well nowdays. Thought I would share the wealth a little and do a friend referal for first person to respond to this with their username.Take Care and Happy Hunting
  11. So I ran into someone today while sitting a soft 8/16 O8 who asked me to come with him on a smoke break. I don't smoke but was curious why he would want to talk to me so i followed. We got outside and he asked me if I had ever considered working with a partner in the O8 games.I told him that I wasn't a cheat and to leave me the hell alone.I went back to the table gathered my chips and cashed out.Once I got home I started thinking of how often this may be happening....and is it really cheating?Like if i'm giving signals to my partner to check or raise...anyone who is paying enough attention c
  12. I'm looking for a new home and am considering going outside of the US.I'm prefer to pay the goverment as little "rake" as possible .....anyone know anything about the taxes on gambling for Ireland or England?...Maybe Australia.../shrug
  13. I punch babies or kit puppies...w/e is closest at the moment
  14. Does anyone here use the PTO or PTS?I remember using PT for Holdem and it was great...but it was dealing with much less information.If anyone has any experience with PT for Omaha or Stud could you post here on how well its been working for you and does it track Hi/Lo games smoothly or is the information overly cluttered?Seems to me like the number of required hands to get a feel of your opponent given their position ect would be astronomically more than that of holdem...
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