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  1. anyone who has ever read a forum for longer than a month has read 5 posts identical to yours. that is why you are met with hostility. it doesn't make sense for the online games to be rigged to cheat you. even if it did make sense then explain to me the hundreds of online pros? do they just have the system figured out?You will catch a few more bad beats online because people dont have to face their plays and can make dumb ones without feeling bad. That will account for a FEW at the smaller limits. Other than that you are experiencing the normal ups and downs of poker. You get more hands per hou
  2. how good is this freepokerdb?i am currently using PT3 and its ok. My biggest porblem is I am running PLO as much as NLHE now. So i was wondering whether the PTO from PokerTracker is worth a sh*t or whether I could just use this as a free alternative. I am mainly in it for HUD and general graphs. I dont dive into the specific stats that much.
  3. January1. Br to $3.001.012. 10 hrs a weak studying HH and training Videos3. Move up to 200NL HU Cash4. Comfortably 10-12 tables of Full RingI am setting some lofty goals but it should be attainable.
  4. you either decide to push here or the river. a 3-bet doesnt leave you a pot size bet on the river and definitely commits you anyway. I think i like it here because of the flush and straight draws. plus, if your range on him is correct he wont fold on a shove here anyway.
  5. any reads on the players?why only raise 3x here preflop?I think your bet size on the flop should be more 4.5, and 13 on the turn. You should be good here but I dont know these guys. What range do you think he can make this bet with? Would he slow play AA or KK this far? Takes an interesting player to do that. Would he call pre with a 2 or 4 in his hand? How often will he float your flop bet?This is entirely read dependant. There are fish at 50nl who will do this with a ten or any small pp. There are also aggressive players who will donk out with their missed flush draw. All that said I cant ev
  6. I dont know if you will ever read this but the blog was definitely interesting Daniel. It reminds me of a book I always keep close for those times in life when things seem so cluttered. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. If you get a chance check it out. I think it will attach itself to you like it did me. If you want I will even mail you my copy as long as you read it. - Levi
  7. I think this is marginal at best. It really depends on how you play these. I mult-table up to 8 of these at a time and because of that once I have a stack your size I dont get involved with anything but premuim hands. you can fold to a win. here It may drag out the game a little but you are in absolutely no danger of not winning this one. I know it isn't a ton of chips to lose but what do you have to gain?just let this hand go and focus on another table.
  8. 1. Get BR to $1,000.01, starting at $250.2. Final Table 3 MTT's3. Don't cash out for household expenses.Non-poker related1. Weight Room B*tch2. Be peaceful
  9. OP, GET A LIFE! You are telling one of the best people in poker to that he has fallen off the wagon? Look in the mirror, I am sure you have no room to judge.
  10. glad you brought that up...Flop: : : : (4400, 2 players)Hero checks (185687), cvail001 bets 4000 (76313), Hero raises to 12000 (173687), cvail001 goes all-in 80113 (0), 68113 to Hero (173687)?
  11. No Limit Holdem Tournament$4.00+$0.402 playersConverted at weaktight.comStacks:BTN cvail001 (82313)BB Hero (187687)Blinds: 1000/2000 Ante 200Pre-flop: (3400, 2 players) Hero is BB : : cvail001 calls 1000 (80313), Hero checks (185687)Flop: : : : (4400, 2 players)Hero checks (185687), cvail001 bets 4000 (76313), 4000 to Hero (185687)?I have played with villian from 3 tables down to HU. He is above average for this level of play, very very aggressive.This is only 5 hands into HU play and so far he has been Raise or Fold preflop. This is the first flop we have seen. My final table and HU play
  12. and if i wish to share?
  13. the most immediate need is to get some of them off my hard drive. the ability to share them would be nice, although i don't think my play is solid enough to be concerned with that immediately. (i can see enough holes in my play. i dont need someone else pointing them out yet! ha.)
  14. Wasn't sure where to post this so it landed here. if there is some more appropriate place feel free to call me an idiot and direct me where to go.I have recently started recording some of my sessions online in order to review them. I am looking for a video file hosting site that will take these larger files (around 700mb). I tried google video but couldn't seem to get them to work. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i am a noob when it comes to these video applications.
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