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  1. Yeah its the only option of watching it is through that software. Hopefully it will work at 6
  2. For those who want to watch the PLO rebuy and dont have ESPN 360 you can use this sitehttp://www.myp2p.eu/broadcast.php?matchid=...amp;part=sportsit shows tomorrows date but I am guessing that the time zone is off but the description says 2008 PLO w/ rebuys. ALso you will have to DL the player TVants. Just google it.It works for other things ( I am watching the US Open right now). Hopefully it will work at 6 for everyone.
  3. What was the second casino they went to? Did I miss what they said?
  4. I got a similar email but it was from Full Tilt. Its probably because everyone is trying to cashout that way since Epassporte is gone now.
  5. Pretty sweet interview. Phil is the man. http://www.cardplayer.com/tv/31795
  6. Suited Up sorry I think I sent you two PM's I checked my sent messages but its not showing that i have sent anything. Let me know if you got them
  7. I was dataminig and just sat down played like 20 hands. SO frustrating.
  8. This is from 2+2 thread but I guess when Phil was playing Urindanger yesterday he said that him and Seda were crossbooking each other and effectively meant that they were actually playing 1k/2k or higher. Also Seda from is arabic name/word. Here is the thread http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showthre...4566&page=3
  9. Mine is finished. I 4-5 table 100nl for about 3k hands (75 dollar bonus)
  10. Best way to play KK ever (Villain is 80/20, playing on FT right now if you want to get on waiting list but he is bleeding money)FullTiltPoker Game #5165745911: Table Jerry (6 max) - $0.50/$1 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:13:36 ET - 2008/02/07Seat 1: MartialWay ($129.95)Seat 2: yesfx ($83.65)Seat 3: PHISH ($142.45)Seat 4: HoosMoney ($128.15)Seat 5: Perk76 ($137.75)Seat 6: atcguyAA ($324.45)PHISH posts the small blind of $0.50HoosMoney posts the big blind of $1The button is in seat #2*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to HoosMoney [Kc Kh]Perk76 foldsatcguyAA calls $1MartialWay foldsyesfx foldsPHISH calls $0.50Ho
  11. They add in extra % for Patrik because he is the man.
  12. Actually Tanner give it to someone else ( something just came up) thanks though
  13. I heard that too but I just tried it out (just cancelled my account a month ago) and it still works and its been over a month (the phil galfond video)
  14. I dont think berating a player is goign to change how they play. You could say the worst things or type the worst thigns and they are going to keep on doing the same bad plays. (Worse thing I do is just say nice hand or well played after a bad beat.)
  15. What type of music do you listen to when playing live? Do you change the song if you lose a potor have a song that really gets you pumped? When playing online do you listen to music?
  16. Here comes Halo 3..... hopefully I can lose a bunch of games in that also.
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