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  1. i have 75k in the SB, blinds 4k-8k/1k. lkajsdflkjalkdfjlkadj. i really need to get super ridic lucky. just a few times.sweat on worldseriesofpoker.com w/ live FT video starting at 3:15pst
  2. i was talking to 2 players about the 99 hand and one said shove one said bet 500k fold to shove. i listened to the first one who replied. ****!oh well. gg gl if anyone is left.
  3. yes i am still in 9th/452.5m no one at this table stands a chance to be honest.if i don't win i'll be surprised.
  4. and obv i post this and 2 seconds later AQs<J9o by some stupid ****.
  5. i'm still in. 286k table 684. need to pick up some pots here soon tho.
  6. prob not till near end if at all. i might just play ME who knows.
  7. i'd like to banhammer lenny's face.gg pat.
  8. you don't sayAhahahhaha, now this is priceless. You still 22 sketch?*checks license*yep.good thing i got this a few weeks ago, i wouldn't have remembered. drugs are bad.
  9. i've never seen ivey play 2-7 but i imagine he isn't bad enough to draw to a rough hand like that. my best guess would be abe. that was a pretty bad play fundamentally, considering he's check-calling just hoping you can't beat a jack or don't hit better than a jack. if phil ivey stood pat with a jack, i would expect him to 3-bet you and stand pat. calling and standing pat doesn't make sense. hence, why i think abe did it.
  10. smash, you're a complete waste of time. i never said i sit around and play heads up matches all day. in fact, i don't. i play single tables all day long. i don't play cash games, and i don't even play many tournaments right now.no i won't play you heads up because i'd hate to embarass you and take you from your self-appointed head dip shit crown of FCP.i'm done arguing with you because it's obvious the metal plate in your head prevents any intelligent thoughts from penetrating it.
  11. explain how +EV is ever a "waste of EV." you obviously don't even know what the **** EV is, so there's no way you can explain it.and yes, i can win 70% of my heads up matches, and i would probably school you around 85% of the time. i win at least 70% in the long run in heads-up sit and goes on UB. it's not hard, they are absolutely terrible. if you played nearly as much as i do, and didn't hit refresh every 5 seconds on this message board to make posts about things you don't even understand, then you might be able to too. let me guess, you watched the 2004 WSOP, bought phil hellmuth's boo
  12. i don't post here much, so i have no clue who this clown is.i just put him in his place. he obviously has NO clue what he's talking about. he rules nothing but his toilet seat.
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