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  1. Fuck Cerrone here. I mean, I like the guy and all, but it just doesn't make sense here. Conor came up to fight RDA, the dominant beast champ of the division - and instead they'd give us not only not that guy, but the guy who that guy embarrassed and beat to death his last fight? Naw, makes no kind of sense. Couldn't be any more of an anti-climatic choice. Give him Khabib if you want to replace a real test with a real test, or give him Diaz to put on a critical mass of shit talk into one place.
  2. Yeah, I'm past thinking Trump doesn't have a chance at the R nomination. He's gone over that initial novelty hump by a country mile, and he has been impervious to the "ok, well, saying that piece of absurdity is the end" events. I give him the edge at the moment, and if he doesn't just outright take it, it will be a three-way close cluster**** when the time comes.
  3. My last post went into talking about brv about whether or not he was serious when he said he was leaning toward Cruz, or whatever, but somehow the first two sentences got deleted and I was too lazy to write it again. But this was part of it, so I'll reiterate: If Cruz doesn't set off someone's "holy fuck this guy is a creepy fucking sociopath" tingle somewhere at the base of their brain - I mean a real, physical, twinge at the base of their brain... if there isn't a reflexive revulsion to what, to a normal, properly functioning human being, should be the blisteringly obvious slimy, faux ex
  4. A lot of what Scroomalscram said is on point. And yeah, I want Sanders. Also, I'm incredibly glad Scalia died.
  5. Damn, yeah, you were harsh on her as a person and a human being, while I was merely harsh on her parents. I'm like Ghandi compared to you on this one. Good times.
  6. I had the opposite reaction. I know it isn't her fault, but when she was explained she was living with her, like I think it was seriously, 9 or 10 siblings in a mobile home, and she had to sleep in the kitchen, my thought was - well, if your stupid fucking parents didn't have like A MILLION FUCKING CHILDREN while being poor, you wouldn't have to sleep in a fucking kitchen.
  7. He came on. Sage's ground game looks embarrassing, but more important - because ground game can be learned - was the heart aspect. There's no way he had to tap at that point. It was more of a "oh wow I'm uncomfortable and I don't know what to do please stop please stop ok I quit".
  8. Also, based upon this thread and the fact that someone has failed as a writer, I have decided to become a writer. Just like that. And I'll be successful after having decided to take it up on a lark, because of course I will. So funny. Sorry, guy who probably worked at it for a long time.
  9. Trololol. Agreed, very un-Jesuslike. Jesus didn't just pay his debts, but our debts as well. And he paid with his life. Amen.
  10. Louis. Are you still around? Do you regret any of this, with a decade of access to the internet behind you?
  11. Oh, you think I'm just guessing. Cute. Enjoy them spoils when you realize you've been spoilt.
  12. "Snoke" is Darth Plagueis. Rey is not Lukes daughter, but Plagueis' daughter (which is why she has his staff). She will go dark side with her uber-force badassery, and Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) will revert back to the light and will be the hero in episode 9.
  14. Anyone who hasn't seen Alien and Aliens is a piece of shit who immediately needs to be handed over to terrorists for beheading. As an aside, my mother, who is not narcoleptic or anything, has, I am convinced it must be the case, some other sort of literal disease or impairment that causes her to fall asleep in movie theaters. She fell asleep during both Aliens and Die Hard when she took me to see them, respectively. Fucking Aliens. And Die Hard. Now, you may be wondering why I went to see Aliens and Die Hard with my mother. Well, I was 10 and 12 when those movies came out. So y
  15. The plaintive, soft way they did that iconic chewbacca howl when he died was done perfectly imo. It hit you right in the feels. lol, that was probably the worst thing about the movie. I said to my friend when it showed up, "there's the Jar-Jar moment of this series."
  16. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Chewy dies and Kylo Ren is Luke Skywalker.
  17. There was a spell there before the fight I was like, "Is Aldo really nervous or is he ashamed that he agreed to take a dive." But ya, really, Aldo's punch that landed at the same time clearly had bad intentions and he just straight got ktfo.
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