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  1. The real question is who's going to catch for Wake this year???
  2. You're right, you are confused. I was player 1. Player 2 flipped his cards before I could bet on his all in call.
  3. I think you're not following. I raised after the river. The guy I was head to head with went all in. I asked for a chip count and he took that as I called and flipped his cards before I could call. I tried to get them to call his cards dead or at least allow me to fold since I hadn't called yet, just asked for a count...
  4. I hope the other guy ended up shooting himself too cause that was lame...
  5. Ok guys here's what happened. I was player 1 and player 2 was a loudmouth that was driving us nutz all nite and was already pretty drunk by hour 6 in the tourney. I asked him for a count cause I was trying to get a read on him. He had been telegraphing a tell when someone asked him about the hand. He'd have a slight smirk on his face if he had a good hand every time once asked something about his play of a hand. He had me beat when he flipped his cards. I tried to suggest the correct ruling would be #1 since he had flipped his cards before the hand was over but it was ruled that #2 was going t
  6. Guys, I played at a tourney last night and saw some action at the final table that I am wondering what would be the right call. 2 guys going head to headplayer 1 is betting up the pot and player 2 is callingthe river comes up player 1 bets 20,000 player 2 goes all in to a total of about 50,000player 1 asks him "How much do you have?" and has player 2 covered with chipsplayer 2 took that as a call and flipped his cards beating player 1Player 1 complained that he hadn't called yet and was asking for a count.What is the proper call by a pit boss here? I heard a couple possibilities dec
  7. Daniel, If you're still watching this thread, could you give us your top 5 off the strip vegetarian friendly restaurants you like in Vegas?
  8. I definately understand what you are saying about the full plate, it is a fantastic idea. If you found the right chef with the right ideas that you could back, let the business manager handle it. But saying that, easier said then done...
  9. Evelyn Ng was also in the commercial
  10. I'm also curious what legal in NY. Are card rooms like this legal in the state? I thought I heard that NYC was cracking down on them?
  11. Good letter to send. Probably won't get you anything but an appology, but they need to clean up their employee's acts if to be a respectable operation...
  12. No. I'm just a compulsive genius. I'm actually just messing around. Don't take me too seriously.lol dont worry with a name like"Turd Ferguson" its very hard to take you seriously LOL. My name is Caleb. You can call me that if it helps.Not the famous Caleb C. Clapp of Boston fame?
  13. It's handy when I'm playing multiple tables on line. I can get a quicker view in a glance...
  14. That's the movies use to operate. It was called the "Hollywood Studio System". You worked for a wage at a studio and made whatever movie they wanted. No rights...
  15. Two words, Go Electric.Don't forget the floss, or better yet a waterpick...
  16. I own a software company with 40 employees and if I caught someone playing at work, they would get one warning and if caught again, they would be walked out the door.Don't take this the wrong way, but if I'm paying you good money like I do, I expect the time at my shop to be working for me and not playing. Also I pay for the bandwidth so I want it to be used for my company and customers use.
  17. I'm not sure if I should put this in this reply or in the tells one. I play with a guy who usually is very good that has this one tell that I have picked up on that is one of his superstitions. When he does this, I know he's got a middle of the road hand that he's trying to will to be better. I can take him down most times I see him do this. I would mention it, but he frequences this site and might pick up on it, and I like taking his money too much to tell him.
  18. I had an ex girlfriend come walking in when we had a card game going that pulled a nutty and turned the table over ending the game and nite. Is that the same?
  19. Hey Tim Wakefield, What I really want to know is how to throw a knuckleball like you and be able to start my major league career even at 50...Mike B
  20. I agree, he was such an idiot that he ended taking 2nd place in the WSOP. I wish I was that much of an idiot...BTW, How did you do in the WSOP?
  21. Can you explain that one? Someone posted something on this site and got sued by Pokerstars for their opinion? What was said?
  22. Cool.the popularity of poker and reality tv makes it a real posibility. that would be awesome + a gold mineI too like this idea. Every week a new tourney and person out first or with least chips is walked to the door. DN's phrase could be something like "Time to cash in your chips"
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