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  1. - disagreei think people give this check raise to much credit , who says he was planning it , maybe he thinks heroes week he didi just bet a checked around pair board flop from the button. i dont see eric playing a seven this way out of position i think, he would lead flop or just call i think this is air, and i shove but i wouldnt be totaly suprised if he knew i was thinking that and chekcraised A7, but i still ogt at least 2 outs
  2. vilian has either 77-TT , or AcQc , hes probly putting u on AK , insta call lflop , dont even think about folding
  3. 200k guarentee on fulltilt 1387 entrants top 126 cash200+1641 players left avg stack is 90k or so blinds 2k-4k with 300 antees hero is in sb about 60k deep utg (80k) raises to 12k chip leader on button moves in for 360k bb behind me has 200kish i have AKois this a call or a fold ?
  4. is fulltilt down ?
  5. this response is so flawed freerolls are exopected since they are common place at other sites .it would be as if you went into a resteraunt and said " can i have free water and breadsticks" and they said NO.
  6. 30+3 nlhe 160 started 8 left name vastu
  7. best exampl is in a medium to deep stack no limit cash game and u raise preflkop with AK and u get reraised by a solid agreesive good player who would reraise with say TT-AA and AK now if u pokeer stove it. u think ure probaly getting the right odds to call vs his range however when u hit an ace or king u will get no action from underpairs and when the flop comes somehting like AJ2 if u get action he will have either AA JJ or the same AK QQ,KK and TT will not give u action on this flo[ so here calling has reverse implied odds but depending on the player raising might be correct however
  8. wtf is the forum challenge can i be intit ?
  9. when i clik the icon on my desktop nothing is happeneing wtf and all my other sites r working
  10. 10+ nlhe 367 entrants name vastu
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