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  1. Thanks for telling those of us with triple digit posts the 'rules'. I love learning from newbies!
  2. Sponsored links are on the right hand sideAbout reverse psycology. Ummm, ok that's one opinion. Anyway you slice it, most of the posts in reponse to my orginial post have been pathetic. Again it's about discussion of poker related topics. Not a chance to show everyone how "witty" (or not) you are or to take pot shots.Offer us a free 30 day trial and we just might try it.
  3. I hate you, go kill yourself. There, that's different.ditto.Oh, and MCR sucks, etc. etc.
  4. Here's my contribution.You're utterly pathetic.
  5. I doubt it but I really don't know.
  6. Complain to the college until they fix it.
  7. I don't think it's too early to tell now.Very good team.
  8. You'd think it'd be a good business decision to allow that. More tables going on = more rake...
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