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  1. can you describe the level of play in the 5-5 and the 10-20? thanks again.
  2. oh man, i remember several months ago someone posting a story on here about some hand that went down on his way to the cashier's cage. it ended up being a big hand but the really funny part was how he told the story. all i can seem to remember is one guy goes to high five another and misses the guy completely. if someone could find that story it's a definite classic.
  3. do they carry a regular no limit game? thinking about stoping in on sunday on my way back from toronto and play a satellite but if it doesn't pan out i'd like to get in on the live game action. if so what are the limits and what limit games do they carry and how are they? thanks.
  4. looking for something like a 2/5 nl game in northern va or DC tonight.
  5. agreed, whoever said that phil laak is out of his league was way off. phil's a damn good player and certainly can hang with these guys.
  6. dball1981

    This Was -ev

    Yea just pour some water in it to flush out the wine.gg laptop
  7. are we actually going to receive the prizes this year? last year i got an email saying my prize would be mailed out soon. then patty took over and sent me an email to get my mailing address and alas, i have yet to receive my prize from the 2005 wsop fantasy pool.
  8. don't you worrie loogie, there will be plenty.
  9. thanks toby, i'll definitely post the bad nights as well. like i said this is my first blog so i wasn't sure what to add but i'll go back and make a blog about how i got started and limits and stuff like that. thanks for the input.
  10. Hey guys I just started a new blog if you'd like to check it out. I'll be updating it frequently with my results.http://dball1981.blogspot.com/
  11. maybe you shouldn't be asking daniel. maybe we should ask helmuth since he is the "greatest heads up no limit player in the world" and chip did take him down at the heads up championships.also, his name is Chip.
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