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  1. I thought Craig said there wasn't another book in the works...I think he said that his articles in BLUFF were all that would be written
  2. So...does anyone actually have any information on the Ivey/Mahatma matches?
  3. Who got the best of these matchups, in the end, when they played last year?Have they played in '06 at all?
  4. Jennifer Harman said in an interview that Chip is probably the best cash game player, but that Phil [ivey] is not that far behind him.
  5. "why would daniel be the only one who knows?"I just mean that Daniel would know because he plays with him quite often
  6. We always hear about what a monster Chip Reese is at the biggest cash games.But what is it about his game that makes him so unbelievable? What does he have in his repertoire that the others don't possess?When you look around online all you find is the highest praise for him, but very little insight into what makes him so good. On Greenstein's webpage, he points to his "skill and control." But doesn't go into further detail. Is his ability to avoid tilting, for instance, what REALLY seperates him?Also, if you look at Greenstein's ratings and average them out, Reese, overall adds up to less
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