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    I wonder if he realizes that beating the person with the OTHER end of the pickaxe would have been much more effective.
  2. Betting straight up has a house edge too, and you have to put too much at risk to win a substantial amount. I put $100 on Mansion a while back, and every week cashed it out back to $100. I cashed out a total of $355 over 3 weeks, and I only hit 3 parlays.I only put $50 at risk every week, and if I hit all 3 parlays that I bet, it would be a $600 win. I only have to hit one $10 parlay every 2 weeks to do better than breaking even.I was just screwing around with that wad of money that I made off of the Pittsburgh - Miami promotion, and ended up winning some more. I'll bet my way, and you're
  3. I don't think you want my advice...I, too, have been on a downturn. The only bet I have been paid on in the last 3 weeks was a 4 team parlay where I won 3 and pushed 1. I have still yet to win a single NFL parlay, and the only NFL bet that I have won was the $1000 Mansion promotion. I'm still up $400 from sports betting AFTER the the promotion (so $1400 overall), so I can't complain too much, but the NFL sucks as far as betting goes.
  4. Well, I went to make my football parlays for the weekend today and got a weird error message on Mansion. Talked to the online support guy and he directed me to a press release announcing that the Mansion Casino and Sportsbook are now closed to US customers. Strangely, the Poker Room and Sports Exchange are still open. I don't seen how Poker and Sports Exchange bets would be legal under the new law where Casino and Sportsbook bets would not be (seeing as how the new law doesn't distinguish between types of gaming...just that US banks cannot fund 'online gaming sites').Anyway, since I had ope
  5. They're calling it the American Governmental Stupidity Tax.
  6. I'll put in a vote for my boys, the Titans. First, we drafted an option QB that will have extreme difficulty running against NFL defense and has a mediocre, at best, arm. Then, we traded away our starting quarterback, and picked up a has-been off of the waiver wire. Then, we cut the only QB on the team that was worth half a shit, Billy Volek. We haven't had a decent RB since Eddie George left, and now because of discipline, health, and other reasons, we are now starting another freshman, LenDale White.If that wasn't bad enough, we also let out best receiver, Derek Mason, leave to join the
  7. Well, let's see....Total deposits into Poker sites: $350Current Bankroll: ~$2100Total Cashouts: $1200Amt. won from online blackjack: ~$1100Amt. won from online sportsbetting: $1415So, that leaves $3200 - $350 - $1100 - $1415 = $335 as my amount won from poker...and I have won more than that from poker bonuses, so that means that I am a losing player.
  8. Well, shit.If Neteller follows suit, then our loopholes are pretty much shut down completely.
  9. Yeah, with the Americans gone, you can finish 9th out of 9 instead of 9th out of 87.
  10. This is pretty much all that is seen from the outside world, which it is hard for fraternities to shake that stigma...but this is far from all that is involved with being a member of a fraternity. In fact, my chapter had 4 brothers resign because they joined with the above sentiment in mind, and when it didn't turn out to be like that, they couldn't handle it. You may have had some friends in fraternities that had to undergo that type of thing in order to be initiated, but I can tell you right now that I would not be in a fraternity if I had been hazed. I would not have tolerated it and I wo
  11. Well, I'm glad I could be a part of your life.To Wang, I don't really care if you believe me or not, but I never went through any sort of hazing rituals. I don't feel any sort of prestige or honor from having been in a fraternity, but I definitely feel as if I am personally a better person from having joined one (not better than anybody else, but better than I would have been had I not joined my fraternity). I'm glad that you say you can look at fraternities objectively, but I have to say that your comments do not reflect that.
  12. I'm in a fraternity, and I have seen this prank done, but they had nothing to do with each other. We screwed with each other in our dorm more than upper class fraternity members screwed with the freshmen. Turning everything in the room upside down is one of the oldest, and least damaging, tricks in the book. Just be glad they didn't caulk your door and fill your room with water, or some other liquid.Also, you wouldn't call your country a cunt, so don't call your fraternity a frat. Wang, you have the typical viewpoint of fraternities among people who were never in one. All you know about f
  13. "Boy, when she dives, she really hits the water"--Random announcer during the 2002 Olympics"He sure knows how to golf a ball"--I forget, but it was an announcer during a major golf championship
  14. Nah, I don't want to ignore it. Hitler was one of the single greatest propagandists of the 20th Century. Using his own description of anything that happened during the time period of the Third Reich as proof of any point other than his propaganda skills is ridiculous. If you look at the [non-military and non-genocidal] actions of his government, then you will realize that they were Socialist.
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