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  1. I 18 table it on Pokerstars...I used to 24, but 18 seems like a nice balance for me now...much more time and I never feel rushed...I play 50 nl cash all on pokerstars with the 50 BB min requirement, and that works out to around 1000 hands an hour.I actually think at this limit my winrate would drop if I only played 4 tables as I'd become extremely bored and play way more hands than the style I've become acustomed to playing, and thats a pretty tight one.
  2. If you don't raise to 15-22 dollars here you should probably stop playing 1-2 live....you could get AA UTG, raise 20, and get 4 callers....raising 7 in your spot might as well be a limp in.
  3. I guess you have to call this river but I think that playing a full buy in pot which is limped pre when you only have one pair is not something I enjoy doing. I think you misplayed the hand preflop and the guy with KK is clearly horrible.
  4. I raise any hand from any position at 50 NL only 3 times if I'm the first one in...seems to work for me as I dont mind it being a smaller pot on the flop and thru the hand, and I enjoy people calling with weaker holding and donating their money with terrible holdings who may not do so for 3.5, 4, or 4.5X pre, but hey, thats just me.
  5. Obviously didn't see where the SB checked but I like the sarcasm.
  6. I'm betting something on the river, even if its a miniscule amount...I hate checking and letting him dictate what you are going to be forced to call, I might bet a quarter of the pot and fold to a shove...I just hate to check in these spots.
  7. I wouldn't shove 3 times the pot on the river, I'd bet 2.50 or so, if he has a king he's going to shove anyways, and if he has some a mid pair he might still call you as its now less likely you have a king.
  8. Hopefully Sundin is out for an extended period of time and the Leafs can lose 4 or 5 in a row and get back into a lottery position, this team is soooooo good at screwing themselves over it isn't even funny.
  9. I can only hope that the Leafs lose both games to Philly, realize their season is done, give Raycroft a few stars, and hopefully drop into the bottom 5 in the NHL and get one of the top 5 picks....thats ALL that us as Leaf fans should be wanting.Serge, just admit they are done, its impossible.I would bet that if they won every single game the rest of the year they still wouldn't be able to leapfrog all the teams, as likely some of those wins would come against teams above them in OT or a shootout, and that the teams ahead will pick up enough points to beat them.
  10. Lol.How a team who's 12th in their conference can be called one of the best teams in the NHL is beyond me.They have zero chance of making the playoffs.
  11. Tonight was a double loss for me...the Leafs winning hurting them in what their real goal should be, and they beat the Bruins, the team I actually want to make the playoffs.Boooooooooo
  12. I like Smith, I like him on the telecasts, and when he's filling in on the fan or on primetime for a hoops segment....Jones is awful, its like when they had Warren Sawkew doing the Jays game....he was embarassingly bad, I literally could not listen to the Jays game on the radio because of him, when they switched color commentators last year for the Jays I was beyond estatic.
  13. Tom and Jerry were as good as anyone in the business.....the fact that Tom isn't in the hall of fame is only because he applied his trade in Canada, if he was in the States he'd already be in.I like Swirsky doing baseketball games but I can't stand his radio show, I can't get through it.Joe Bowen is entertaining, he's usually not the one who's overly biased, its usually Jim Ralph who's ridiculously biased.
  14. I know, I want him on the over 30's.Especially in a 7 game series, I'd like someone who's in their earlier 30s over someone in their late 30s
  15. And no one has mentioned the now alone in 11th overall in scoring Marc Savard for their team.
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