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  1. I couldn't agree more with BigD - almost every one of his posts in this thread is spot on. Just finished Crows and had been avoiding this thread until I read all the books. I think the biggest issue for the average fan in Season Two will be Not sure if they are going to do that or not in the series. I didn't love Clash, but obviously loved Swords and wanted to kick Martin in the nuts about halfway through Crows.
  2. Just remember who made you your own thread.
  3. My understanding is that a big announcement is coming.
  4. Just remembered that Oz is in the FCP Streak for the Cash group, and we have access to his pick history:That's a lot of picks made from a deathbed with no access to a phone or computer.
  5. Targeting a broader audience.
  6. Someone send Oz a Starsky and Hutch DVD and we can take this war to a S&H Forum. Their mods aren't as strict as the MV mods.
  7. Holy crap. Did I just quote Gallo for truth?
  8. The song was great. Did anyone else pause their draft board and analyze where everyone went? (Or notice the continuity errors)And when the guy busts in and takes Matt Forte I just groaned and said "big mistake." My wife was not amused.
  9. Worse than the guy waking the player up 1.5 hours before he was supposed to be up for practice, then cutting him because they needed to bring someone else into camp, but telling him it was because he had no ability?
  10. That poster said something in code that is indicative of a certain radio show.
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