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  1. I think the line about democrats being good for poker was a joke.It reminded me of left-wing nods that used to be in the Simpsons.
  2. Today on ESPN2, Kobayshi reached the triple crown himself.Apparently this includes: Nathan's Hot Dogs, Johnsonville Brats, and Krystal Burgers.What an athlete.
  3. While he certainly could've been beat, or he could have the guy dominated, I think there is something to say about the chance that if DN doubles up early he is probably going to be very dangerous in the tourney. Also, losing his buy-in doesn't bother him as much as it might others.
  4. At least he one of his interns was kind enough to respond to you.
  5. It already happened. I was there. It wasn't pretty.
  6. 20-0halfsorry about that one
  7. Daniel is the one who set up the PPL? I didin't know this?
  8. Thanks for the corrections, my mistake.Also, thank you for calling me sir.
  9. It seems like an all-in fest now.My theory is the combination of players not wanting to get in a hand with Daniel post-flop, and the large blind structure for WPT final tables.
  10. I've had some computer/technical difficulties and the only show I listened to was the DN one. I plan to start keepling up soon, but I don't think I have the time to "catch up"Can someone who has seen them all or most list some highlights?
  11. Didn't Arieh win a H.O.R.S.E. bracelet? perhaps 2002?
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