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  1. Got a hole in one in a scramble tournament on a win a car hole. Didnt get said car because you had to be 18 i was 17 and 8 mo.Scored a perfect 800 on the math section on the SAT got a 430 on the english lol. "before the essay was addedCollege major was golfHeld a course record on a golf course (was first to ever play said golf course but did shoot 1 under so it was legit) it was at the Saguaro course at WekoPa in AZ a top 100 course that you can play.shot 48-29 on consecutive nines in a high school matchDid mushrooms in Joshua tree (after entourage episode aired)Been airlifted off of Zuma bea
  2. So when are they gonna rename it the HemiPowerSWT donation fund3 wins in 3 days. 2 of them on the same day. YikesDidnt see a thread about this. Lock it up if its been talked about a brazillion times
  3. With daniels newest blog about a new poker show going on at the venetian i also thought about another that was supposed to take place there way back. DN seemed to be just as excited for that as he does the doomed PPL (professional Poker League). Where they drafted players and such but never got passed the draft as i believe.
  4. Yeah I went to ASU with him but he was a year older. Played a lot of low stakes with him until he started making some crazy cashes online. He went from being like the 2-4 best player in our .50/1 home game to 400k+ in online cashes in less then a couple years
  5. My friend who is still alive in the main event is rediculoushttp://tv.pokernews.com/featured-videos/Ma...zgon/1663136759He stayed alive all day and ended the day with over a million chips and is at the featured table. lol.
  6. A guy who i went to college with is still in. Daniel Buzgon and hes the one yelling "we need cocktails" and taking shots with other tablemates. Wildman75 is his online name. he got 3rd in the million 2nd or 3rd in an ftops and taken down some big tourniesASU PGM representEdit. ^^^^^ is the unnecessarily large sig necessary gator? JESUS
  7. down to 60 chips 4 handed and almost pulled off a miraculous comeback for the victory
  8. I had it heads up sharing a card and i had the beter of it everytime. It was awesome until that gay four ball came.
  9. When people say he shouldnt have played the open and rested his knee is not really a cut a dry situation. The knee surgery 8 weeks ago was just so he can hopefully play the rest of the season and then shut it down in the off season and get the acl fixed. If he didnt play the open there is no way to know that he would have been able to play the rest of the season anyway. The answer to that poll has to be see tiger play one of the best if not the best golf tournaments in history with the way that it unfolded is great for the game of golf. If it was for sure that if Tiger would have been alri
  10. Whats all this?Progressive RV insurance, motorcycle, and boat insurance?We dont have these thingsYes i do, we doSURPRISE**** that commercialIf you dont play all in youll never see the fruits (or some bullshit like that)God that got annoying
  11. may have already been talked about before but who is philivey567 he has only played in two tournaments on the db so far.
  12. well now ive posted today. lol.
  13. So far in my golfing career I have accomplished two of my goals I have set for myselt only to be depressed within minutes.First happened a few years ago. Played in a charity golf tournament and made a Hole-in-one on the win a car hole only to be told that you have to be eighteen to win the prize while i was stuck being seventeen and eight months. blah. Dont buy scions or if you live in the LA area dont buy from HAMER Toyota.Second happened todayShot what would have been the course record 64 at the golf course i work at but because i played alone it didnt count. (I knew this from the start
  14. Was that a 4 jack from DN. From what i sawDrive down the middleHybrid to greenMissed putt and got a 6?
  15. Umm no. If you paid $1000 for that driver (or any driver for that matter) it better be a tour issue and no the TP stamp doesn't count.
  16. I need to invent a time machine and go back and hire lee jones to run my poker site called pokerstars and get better than second place money just for running this tourney.1st= 198kPstars= 105K2nd= 100k
  17. Maybe he has cancer and all the people on here will feel like total douchesno but really hes probably just a drug addict
  18. A few hands earlier grinder lost a race with 88 and asked if he ever ran good? I guess that answers the question for now. Gross.
  19. Guy at a $2.50 tourney on stars likes to give money away. Moron: 2.500,000Seat 2: 500,000Seat 3 300,000He is giving an even chop for 650 when first is >1000
  20. i also believe that you get 10k in your account once you win the seat and if you show up to play in the main event they transfer the final 1k into your account then for your expenses.
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