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  1. He's definitely more than just a fan....
  2. JackHarris is, to me, as funny as Beans-n-Icewater (Beans has a much longer track record, of course). Why, you wonder?This man is dead serious with everything he is saying here; No matter how horribly flawed, ignorant, or baseless it is. His seriousness & cluelessness is possibly the funniest thing I've ever read on this board so I implore everyone to make him welcome. I want to milk this cow for every nugget in his insane mind.
  3. Smartest thing said in this thread.....and yeah, you telling everyone that is pretty bogus. Deal with it.
  4. $$$$$-wise that could VERY easily be true (I think).
  5. The OP is correct in that it is finished shooting and the winner has been declared, however, I found several articles which said the tapings were CLOSED to the public. Here is one such article......Filming of Two Poker Series Scheduled to Start at Golden NuggetCameras are set to roll at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas to film two poker shows during November.“High Stakes Poker,” which will premiere on The Game Show Network in January, will be filmed in its entirety Nov. 2 to Nov. 4. Unlike most poker programming, this show isn’t a tournament. Players, both professionals and very rich business ex
  6. if by overrated you mean 120.3 QB rating this season and an 18-2 career record, I agree.Most of that came from the the defense and the rushing game.Excuse me.ALL of that came from the defense and the rushing game.Roethlisberger is efficient, but highly overrated Every single football fan will agree with you....except Steeler fans.Dead-on Accurate :clap: Check out the games last year where he had his big QB ratings...all but one or two I believe were against bad/mediocre teams....if you want to show some impressive stats then show the most important stats....put up his Record and QB rating f
  7. hella good post :clap: If you guys don't think Spademan is hilarious then you are definitely without intellect and/or humor.
  8. you got itagain pat...i assume this is the same guy you ranted to me about about not paying you back, ignoring you for months, blah blah.if it's the same guy, then how the hell can you out him if you KNOW he does the same EXACT thing as he's doing now?when i lent him the 100 again 3 weeks ago he said hed pay me back soon at the time i only had 180 or so i was pretty generous to give away 65 of it as soon as i said i had transferrd the money i havnt heard from him sincebut he has the time to post in threads recentlythats "not cool"you are obessesive and you can't see itplease just leave me the
  9. Exactly....if he doesnt wanna be outed, he should be a man and pay back his debts.
  10. If this nonsense were really true and you KNEW you were going to lose the next two hands, would conventional wisdom not tell you to fold?? post-script: Go read the 2nd post in this thread. Spademan hits it on the head.
  11. We take ACT not SAT here in the midwest, so no, not a test......Basketball
  12. Karr2242 Karr= Last name2242 = # of pts I scored in HS
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