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  1. I would say they would start at about $79 upper upper level..
  2. - ELITEXC CONFIRMS KEN SHAMROCK VS KIMBO ON CBSWith less than six weeks to go before EliteXC’s next CBS-EliteXC Saturday Night Fights event, speculation has been ongoing as to who Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson will face on Oct. 4. That speculation can now be put to rest as MMAWeekly.com has confirmed with EliteXC vice president Jared Shaw that Kimbo will face UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock.Much attention was drawn recently to EliteXC’s cancelling of its Sept. 20 event in New Mexico, the company stating that it was necessary to do so to focus its promotional efforts on the pivotal Oct. 4 event o
  3. Time it around affliction and have a double card Penn/GSP , Griffin/Liddell that would surely hurt any show Affliction has.
  4. But after Mir I think he would have practice defense of leg locks
  5. The only thing is they just want to be friends and under the impression your gay. JK
  6. Drive around town around 1am and any women standing looking for a ride its amazing how many are looking for a ride. Pull over and help her out. Give her 20 bucks and drive slowly to the bus station you and her will both be better off after that.
  7. The only thing in Rampages favor is no DUI it seems to be all mental which will aid his criminal case, but as far as his civil either way he will be paying out.
  8. I felt the Condit fight was just two people that couldnt finish. It was awful to see them go back and forth and it end in what appeared a very very weak knee. Stann looked like the belt went to his head and he didnt even train, he was flat, punches were weak, defence was weak, and cardio was very weak. Now the few fights prior were pretty good and gave what the fans wanted to see. Having this free is really opening this sport to people that would not normally watch this type of stuff and opening up the fan base for sure. Urijah is going to walk through Brown and its going to be quick. He
  9. Its actually a cyst, a huge cause from them are ear peircings. I get them all the time and they go away. a few years ago I had one burst it swelled my ear to about 20x the size had to go to the emergancy room and have it sliced open and drained. I have been since told just keep your ears and peircings clean and dont mess with the cyst
  10. South Park or Natural born Killers? I go with south park
  11. Never had any problems, with size, or distance, even after an 18 pack all is good.. Sorry for you
  12. Have you also noticed Mazzagatti will let the ground game go during the early rounds but when its the last round even if the same slow, not enough work is going on he will stand them, its shiiiittty
  13. I agree the EliteXC sucks they need to stop, I dont know about all the rest it may be my cable provider but the broadcast was shit, almost fuzzy all the way through. Smith needs to do something he might have some serious issues internally to keep getting fights ended due to his mid section. The Diaz fight was perdictable, and Mazagatti is the worst Ref Ever he's so flip flop, one fight he stops because of blood next he lets it go to blood is all over the place, one minute he warns of illegal hits ( not just eye gauges) then he lets the opponent due them, he needs to be stopped. Bring back B
  14. My daughters future boyfriend will see the guns.... And be asked if he has a platinum card for the date, she has expensive tastes, high end sushi (uni, sea snails, all the exotic stuff), crab, lobster, steak.. And shes only 5.
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