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  1. It's been so long since I posted that my Av tagline is now 3 titles behind.
  2. GOLD!!! I LOVE the part where the church lady only puts in 50 cents yet scowls at the guy for putting in a $5 chip. LOL judging church ladies AMIRITE?? It is also funny how you call her out for being a hypocrite as she shushed Brad and Karen yet she feels it is fine to talk to her husband and Brad!!! THIS MAY BE THE BEST WORK OF ART! I know something good when I see it...I see a lot of things in this world....and this Gerry is going to be AMAZING!!!
  3. Oh, I am just being a jerkface for the fun of it. Don't mind me! Also, taking out KQ 66 44 and your equity goes up (very slightly) 200bb becomes less '200bb' when the open is $12 compared to someone opening to 3.5x online. It's a pretty meh defend but you know that. I still think its suicide to bet/3b into a lady that raised pre and then raised you on flop, as often as you HAVE seen that happen. If you're going to go that route, go for the C/R instead. If she chks back flop then fire turns. If she bets and you C/R her you are accomplishing the same thing as the b/3b whil
  4. 1. Why are you flatting such weak holdings such as 85hh OOP to a $12 raise in what would be a HU pot 2. Why are you unnecessarily bloating the pot in what was only a $25 pot preflop by bet/3b that with only 4 known outs? 3. You smack a perfect turn card likely increasing your outs from 4 to ~15 and NOW you want to check/fold? That makes no sense unless she just up and jams 300 (assuming you started with 400 each) meaning you're calling 300 to win 800. And even then its only a slightly bad fold. This is if she has ONLY AA KK 66 44 AK KQ But yeah...pretty poor line of thinkin
  6. URGENT - HELP ME UNLOCK MONEY TO BUY YOUR SCRIPT IN SUMMARY:- I have 15,000,000.00 (fifteen million) U.S. Dollars and I want you to assist me in unlocking the funds so I may purchase your amazing script. I agree to reward you with part of the money for your assistance, kindness and participation in this Godly project. This post might come to you as a surprise and the temptation to ignore it as unserious could come into your mind but please consider it a divine wish and accept it with a deep sense of humility. I am Mr FARGOpokerND and I am a 55 years old man. I am a South African living
  7. Jesus christ you are the worst. Pretty sure all of your posts are just one big level.
  8. Yes, I think you can teach yourself to be calm. Being physically unreadable isn't something you have to train at the gym to be able to do, you have to train your mind to be calm. That is a physical element controlled by the MIND. You are right, you didn't, but you are clearly trying to make the case that poker is somehow more physical than it really is. Does eating right and working out help in long sessions? Of course it does, but living a healthy lifestyle helps out in ALL aspects of life. It is a stretch to use that as evidence for why poker has elements of physicality in it
  9. jfc no. Quit trying to make that point. It is mental to control yourself during a bluff, not physical. And you are making ONE point that happens very infrequently. And it only applies to live play, not online. Endurance is the best point you can make, and that too, is a terrible point. Poker is NOT a physical sport, quit trying to make mountains out of molehills.
  10. As Bob said, poker is already classified as a mind sport. I'll argue it being a physical sport....that is a tremendous reach made by people who want to call themselves athletes. Or something like that.
  11. And I have put in 24 hour marathon Call of Duty sessions. That doesn't make video games a sport.
  12. Spotted Cow is always a good choice. I'm a Fat Squirrel guy myself although I pick up both every time I drive through Wisconsin.
  13. Bolded. But yeah, w/r/t question: It seems you're associating rebuys online with multi-entries live. Both are fine. I'm not a huge fan of rebuys live (except for PLO rebuys where they are needed as edges are smaller and there are more flips), but I am a HUGE fan of multi-entries as they increase prizepools without giving someone with massively deep pockets a chance to accumulate chips. As for online, rebuys are fine. You can go nuts and try and get a huge stack and your swings are going to be huge or you can nit it up and just be prepared to adjust your style of play for those
  14. When someone fires unnecessary comments at people I know and like, I'll say something.
  15. Yeah...since being a douche is going to get you more responses. Luckily Cobalt is actually a really nice guy and will still probably answer you despite you being a schmuck.
  16. While I am no expert on this, I'm sure you don't need a hashtag for it to be better searchable. Just the key words are all that is needed.
  17. #justgotacheckfrombovadayesterdayanditonlytooktendays #whatpayoutissue #whatswiththehashtags
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