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    Art, music, film, photography, writing, and anything creative, really. I also enjoy poker, women, vegan food and a good discussion.

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  1. Narum


    I like purple. It's also the complementary colour of green. Which is the colour of my eyes.
  2. Narum


    My second admission drawing. The assignment was to make an illustration to one of our favourite songs. I chose Tornado by Jónsi
  3. Narum


    The assignment was to visualize something you can't live without. So it's kind of a metaphor for creativity.
  4. Narum


    So I've made fanart of myself. Well, not really - it's an admission drawing for an art school. It's me though, so kind of!
  5. Narum


    Man, I'm disappointed in your artistic inputs here, people. (Except yours, AmScray. That was beautiful.)
  6. I don't trust them at all. I once found out one was a witch, so we burned her. Still haunts me to this day...
  7. However, I like to keep in touch. So I've got more "friends" than a one-night thing.
  8. I'm not fit for relationships. My mind "wanders" too much. And as you say, I keep my options open. I like to indulge myself.
  9. What? I'm a vegan buddhist that doesn't drink. I'm not a weirdo. Of course I drive the meat train to pound town.
  10. Well, I'm a vegan teetotaler who promotes humanitarian work. I don't feel any violence lurking inside...
  11. I have a feeling that we've aberrated a bit from the main topic (Phil Ivey) here.
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