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  1. Calvin Ayre is already in jail, and Bodog/Bovada will shut down soon.
  2. I love how they entice people top join in their submerging company. Overheard that there was a mass resignation during the last 2 months of 2013, which caused operations breakdown. And now they are mass hiring to fill in the vacated posts. Hmmm. After all that happened (raid, affiliation with CEZA...), I doubt if people will still be interested and not be worried about their job stability...and you know what happens if operation is not working in a company???? http://calvinayre.com/online-gaming-directory/gaming-job/bodog-nation-careers/ #Bodogsports #Bodog #Poker #Bodogpoker #f
  3. In you cases maybe, you are not having issues, but I am telling you 90% of the players did. This is after that raid happened. And what are you saying about me being a member of the disgruntled ex employee. I mean, the hashtags I use to emphasize my point and not to make mine searchable. Why dont you go to the bodog or bovada's website. Its been discussed there a lot of time. This is not fior you anyway (current employees of Bodog), these are for the actual players.
  4. Bodog and Bovada still not able to pay their winners upto this point, a lot are pulling out funds and transferred to another poker room.
  5. Just for the last 2 weeks, more and more expatriates have resigned and moved back to their homelands. Also, the problem with pay outs is still a huge issue for gamers. #Bodog #Bodogpoker #Bovada #Bodognation #Poker #Payouts
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