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  1. Mike bell looked very impressive for a rookie against the lions. If he doesnt start he will get the position eventually.
  2. It doesnt matter because the bears are absolutely cursed when it comes to qbs.
  3. Mcnair could have a comeback season i could see t going either way. I do hope jamal lewis can return to form as well, last year he was pretty much a flop. Anyway I doubt they goto the playoffs, and 8-8 would probably be right around what i guess +-1
  4. If it's a live event of course they could not show the players hole cards, that wouldn't make too much sense. Obviously they could do some delay, but I'm sure for security reasons hole cards will probably not be made available, until it gets aired later on espn.
  5. na3r0k

    Motorola Q

    I have yet to try it myself, but i've heard only good things about it. Try just searching motorolla q reviews online you can usually find enough reviews to make a well balanced decision depending on what site you goto.
  6. Nah i'm actually a pistons fan.
  7. Oh man i was serriously addicted to this game. Did the whole caleague thing and got up to M. Couldve been P but thats about the time I stopped playing.
  8. I think for the upcoming NBA season the heats should automatically start with a 20 point lead at the start of each game and wade gets no FT shots. Don't get me wrong I do like wade a lot and think he's a great player, but cmon.
  9. This isnt that funny, but my friend was teeing off with a 3 wood. I do need to mention this was his 2nd time golfing ever. Anyway he creates probably the biggest divot i had ever seen done with a 3 wood and when we picked the divot up the tee was still inside of it while the ball had only gone probably 15 feet. He tee'd off again using the divot that still had the tee in it.
  10. Nalbandian is very good, he plays with a lot of passion so he should be fun to watch. Of course i would want to see federer the most, actually in all honesty i'd probably want to see sharapova the most, dementieva aint too bad either though.
  11. Man it amazes me that no one has even mentioned the black blind white supremacist. i would have to think this is my favorite skit, but wayne brady and rick james are basically right with it. Not to mention I think this is the skit that really started to launch the chappelle show.
  12. Oh man i absolutely love the food network. Favorite show of mine is olivers twist it only comes on at like four in the morning on saturdays though. Malto mario is pretty good, and emeril live is classic. The throwdown with bobby flay is not too bad either. I think the shows I like display more on the chefs passion, they arent the most exciting, so i can understand when people dont like the before mentioned shows.Other good mentionsHam on the streetIron ChefGood Eats (alton's knowledge of the science of food is quite amazing)Boy meets GrillUnwrapped.
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