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  1. When will special correspondent Max Headroom be showing up?
  2. This should be required reading for anyone that wants to play professionally.
  3. A few years back I was playing at the Goldstrike in Tunica during the WPO. Some of the dealers that had just been rotated out of the big buyin games were complaining about his dealer abuse and poor tipping practices. This was the year after he had won the main event. That was the first I had heard about his attitude, but since I have heard nothing but unkind words about him. I actually liked this cat when I first some him on TV. I thought he was going to be one of the fun characters to watch.
  4. It's from this past season.
  5. He just did the dance . Somehow it seems less annoying when he is in the crowd rooting on his friends.
  6. Is that an unbearded Rain Kahn in the front row cheering the FT of the WPT tonight?
  7. One year I dressed as a scarecrow and sat in a chair by the front door. I set the bowl of candy for the trick-or-treaters right by by feet. Whenever people would reach for the candy, I would lunge at them. It was hilarious.
  8. Remembering back to the live stream, Ray was on tilt from the QQ hand he lost to Lam. Ray started making some rediculous all-ins preflop and other steamy plays. I think the combination of tilt and a long tournament led to him getting locked in with KK.
  9. My guess is that this is from the filming for the newest WSOP video game. I remember Phil talking about it in one of his text or video blogs a while back. Apparently, as you play ( and beat) him heads up in the game he shows effects of the beating in cut scene videos.
  10. I would pay $50 to see the look on Tommy's face when that popped up on his screen.
  11. I agree with DN and this guy.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...p;#entry2068325
  12. 8470. Pocket 8s and 9s have me bouncing around.
  13. 3490 at the break. Time for a rush?
  14. AQ has crushed me twice too. AQ<44 and AQ<A8.2395 at break (down from a hih of 4600)
  15. How tied are you to wearing pants? That always makes my decisions easier.
  16. It is my understanding that this is a limit hold'em rule, unfortunately incorrectly used in some home games and casinos.
  17. 99% collusion, 1% vomit inducing misclick.
  18. Out. What a tease. (Pretty standard flip though.)Full Tilt Poker Game #3304759516: FTOPS Main Event (22695133), Table 307 - 200/400 Ante 50 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:24:30 ET - 2007/08/19Seat 1: jarnal (4,355)Seat 2: BaNt4_CrUz (17,021)Seat 3: padmille2 (6,869)Seat 4: AustinPowers (15,348)Seat 5: diabolo007 (26,886)Seat 6: yirdaddi (13,836)Seat 7: PoetBaron (6,005)Seat 8: blbold (31,028)Seat 9: nanonoko (24,155)jarnal antes 50BaNt4_CrUz antes 50padmille2 antes 50AustinPowers antes 50diabolo007 antes 50yirdaddi antes 50PoetBaron antes 50blbold antes 50nanonoko antes 50yirdaddi posts the small bl
  19. That guy made some "interesting" calls at my starting table.
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