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  1. Fuck that no armed guy. I'd give up an arm for a buyin to the main event.Would you laugh at a guy in a wheelchair who was spinning out of control on an icy imbankment?If i was sitting at home watching it on TV...probably.And by probably, I mean absolutely.
  2. OK, when watching part 3 of the main event, is it wrong to laugh when the guy playing with his feet was told nice "hand?" I'm probably going to hell, but hearing that while his arm was flopping around really tickled me.
  3. Agree, teneight seems like the most immature person on this board...quit complaining so much.
  4. <sigh> I thought this thread was gonna be about ABC's TGIF...maybe a little "Boy Meets World," "Family Matters," or some "Step by Step."
  5. Well someone has to win the AFC west...San Diego seems to be coming back down to earth and Denver is always shaky, they sneak into the playoffs then get crushed. I think the winner of this game (Chiefs) has to be the early favorite for the division (I know it's only week 2, but Chiefs/Raiders is always a big game).
  6. well, some books are offering it as a pk, some oak +1. the line opened with oak like -3 or something though.
  7. well, right now the game is a pk, so there are no points to take. stay hot though.
  8. he did lead the league, finished with one more yard than shaun alexander. i love the chiefs, they've always had the offense, but i think now they have the defense to make a run at a superbowl. they were always compared to the '99 rams with the offense, but now they have a similar defense. st. louis defense wasn't great, but they were always playing from ahead and forced a lot of turnovers. i think the chiefs have a very similar defense, they will give up some points but should force a lot of turnovers. kerry collins is one of the most inconsistent qb's in the league. if you want to take
  9. This was from the "what is the craziest hand you have seen?" thread today.
  10. If you are searching for a point, then you need not look any futher than the top of your head!!It is just funny that after betting and being trapped, he feels the urge to safe face by saying I thought you had it.Hell no you didn't think, I had it cause if you did you would check your nut flush and take your lumps versus putting more money in.That's all, most people will find that to be funny.At least people with a pulse and a sense of humor! Well, I think I have a very good sense of humor and pretty sure I have a pulse, however, I would have to disagree with you. Not funny. Sorry.
  11. Swingers Vince would be perfect, but old Vince...I don't think so.
  12. I'm predicting not one serious response for this thread...so far off to a good start. What a strange first post.
  13. That's pretty gross, seriously. I guess you're "that guy" who always goes a little too far. Yikes...
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