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  1. I usually play pretty good when I am home alone, using Poker Tracker and just concentrating on playing good. If I really want to play great I turn Poker Tracker off, strip naked, slam my penis in a drawer two or three times, and then start playing(this does not work well at the local casino though).Orville
  2. Next month I am running a hold 'em home tourney with about 20 friends. I am going to have a 20 dollar buy-in with 1 rebuy within the first hour, and no add-ons. Blind structure as follows:Blinds will increase every half hour. Level 1 25-25Level 2 25-50Level 3 50-100Level 4 75-150Level 5 100-200Level 6 150-300 Level 7 200-400Level 8 300-600and so on.This is just to have fun and win a little money. With a 20 dollar buy-in and 20 players there is a 400 dollar prize pool. Does anyone have any suggestions on payout? I was thinking of this:1. 1502. 1003. 604. 505. 40Does anyone know of any
  3. I recently started reading some old Card Player articles by Mike Caro. What is everyone's opinion of what he has to say. Do his theories on poker hold water or is he full of it.ThanksOrville
  4. a real time program that tells you the strength of your hand pre-flop and post flop. It gives you advice on what to do on each street. I am not trying to plug it, just wondering if it is worth buying.Orvillegive me a link http://www.royalflushclub.com/index.html
  5. a real time program that tells you the strength of your hand pre-flop and post flop. It gives you advice on what to do on each street. I am not trying to plug it, just wondering if it is worth buying.Orville
  6. ThanksGotta love Metallica. Kind of gets you in the mood to takes someone's bankroll.Still wondering if anyone has used Poker SidekickThanks Orville
  7. Has anyone tried the Poker Sidekick program?Is it any goodThoughtsThanksOrville
  8. Are their any unofficial guidelines for betting in NL games. I know your opening bet should be about 3 or 3.5 times the BB, but what about the flop, turn and river. I am afraid that I am not betting enough. Is it a judgement call. I know each situation is different, I am just wondering if there is a uniform place to start.Thanks Orville
  9. This past weekend my wife and I, along with a few friends play a small Texas Hold Em tourny. On one hand I was dealt pocket kings. I had the button and my wife had the BB. I decided I was going to slowplay my kings. I just called her BB. The flop comes K-10-2 rainbow. Now I'm feeling pretty good about flopping a set so I just call her bet. The turn is a 10 and again I just call her bet. The river is a harmless 4. She bets 200 in chips, I raise to 600, she goes all-in and I call and win with kings over 10's. Man was she pissed. She called me a slow playin' SOB. She always thinks I'm
  10. Hopefully this is what you were looking for.Alex (NY): Hey Phil, What was the deal with the Full Tilt poker tournament? When did this take place? Phil Gordon: Yesterday. We started at 8 AM and played down until the last 6. The TV final table started at 3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ringo (Austin,TX): I enjoyed the live tournament on TV yesterday. It's great getting to see the small "stack building" hands that are played. What did you think of the format, and how did they keep the amatuers out? Phil Gordon: It was by inivitation only, so th
  11. I tried the search function but did not find what I was looking for. If anyone can supply a link that would be great.My question is, What is the appropriate opening bet?In his Full Tilt article Chris Fergusun says:"One of the most common mistakes in No-Limit Hold 'em is coming in for a raise that's too big. In early position, you want to keep your raises at about two times the big blind. With four to six players to act behind you when you're in middle position, raise to about two and a half big blinds, and raise to about three times the big blind from late position."In other articles I've re
  12. sounds like you put him on tilt. what happened after that hand?orville
  13. You have a great program in Poker Tracker and GT+. It should pay for itself in no time. On UB all I have to do is open a table, click the hand history button, open PT and the Ultimate History add-on, and all the hands are imported to PT. I usually open four tables and hand histories and let the program run while I have lunch or do some work around the house. When I'm ready to play I close everything out, import the HH, autorate the players, and then start playing. I'm not sure if it's ethical to let the program run and "get stats for free" without actually playing but it works for meOrvil
  14. ok, can you read? I KNOW THEY HAVE A DAMN FORUM. I know i need a new serial key. all i want to know is what is the freaking file i have to move for the database. Why do you bother making a post saying 'i dont know the answer to your question.'????I just had to do that very thing this week. I was getting a new computer and didn't want to start over from zero with hand historys. I went into the Program Files folder and found the Poker Tracker subfolder and opened it. I then copied all files that ended in .mdb. The only file that ended in .mdb that I did not copy was ptregv2.mdb. The help fo
  15. I prefer UB. I went from Pokerroom to PP to Poker Stars and finally ended up at UB. I like the way the bonus is given for each raked hand played, not after a set amount of hands. I think the sight itself run fairly smooth and play is easy to follow.Orville
  16. Being that I am still a rookie at hold em, I would take the money. I could then pay off some debts and then deposit more money in my UB account and not have to worry about losing all my bankroll.If I was a seasoned poker player I would seriously consider taking the seat.Orville
  17. I really like to play a certain time limit. But if I'm up as the time limit closes in I just stop or play very tight so I don't lose to much profit.Orville
  18. I usually play for a set period of time and quit when that time is up. With that said, sometimes I will take a quick profit. I have to work early in the morning(4am-Noon) so if I am having trouble concentrating that day I simply take my profit and quit. The same goes if I am losing. If I can't keep myself focused because I'm tired then I quit.Orville
  19. I have been playing on UB exclusively for about 4 months. I did not have any problem clearing my bonus. I love the fact that their are many games to choose from. I have not had any problem on UB yet(knock on wood).Orville
  20. I had a guy tell me nice suck out after I beat him. Was he right?.25/.50 Limit on UBI had K-K in SBPre-flop, everyone folds to button. Button bets. I raise. BB folds. Button calls.Flop 5h 2s 9sI bet, button raises, I reraise with pair of kings, button capsTurnQhI bet, button raises, I call.RiverKsI bet, button raises, I re-raise, button capsButton had 5-5 for three of a kindI win with K-K-KHe says nice suck out.I just figured that my dominating pre flop hand held up, or did I suck out.I thought in order to suck out you had to have the worst hand pre-flop and then hit the community cards.C
  21. My dad’s got this most awesome set of tools, I can fix it.--Sean Penn...Fast Times At Ridgemont High"Whatta you mean I'm funny?... Funny how, am I a clown, do I amuse you?"--Joe Pesci...Goodfellas"Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."--Adam Sandler...Billy Madison
  22. I agree but I tried using the search function and could not come up with what I was looking for. As a result I had to post the exact question I had.Orville
  23. Had my first Royal Flush last week. Flopped the nut heart flush and caught the K on the river. Unfortunately I play at the .25/.50 limit tables and only one person stayed til the river. I didn't win much but I can still brag to my buddies. I've now had a straight flush and royal flush within the last three months. Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead Anyway, congratsOrville
  24. Are the default autorate rules for Pokertracker any good. I am using them now but was wondering if anyone had a set of different rules that I could use.Thanks Orville
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