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  1. Sure. The UNPC agrees with you. That is why the tax money we send abroad to "health clinics" is helping this organiztion to hold woman hostage until they abort their babies. Despite the fact that most of the world disagrees with abortion on a moral basis, the UN has brought it upon themselves to use it as population control, with the US tax payers dollars (at least now that Obama has signed the Exec Order).
  2. Like this is the first time something like has ever happened with an abortion procedure. Of course it has happened before. It has everything to do with the abortion debate becuase it happened in the act of aborting the pregnancy.
  3. 1. Say "lobbyists will not be a part of my administration", then appoint a lobbyist to your cabinet2. Require access to all govt documents of former presidents and vice presidents, as long as the attorney general approves it. Let's see, the new AG is the same guy that pardoned Mark Rich and was a huge part of the Clinton administration. Yeah, that should work.
  4. And this is the problem. Why does marriage have to be between two individuals? Why can't it be between 4 or 5 individuals? My point is this. There has to be a line somewhere or nowhere. If you draw a line, no matter where it is, you will leave out a group of people, though they may be fringe and very small in number. Who gets to decide what "marriage" should be? Why does that person, or group, get to decide this? Who gets to decide who is going to be left out? Is it OK to leave people out of this supposed benefit of marriage?I am interested in your varied responses to these questions. I have n
  5. While the word thing seems absurd, it is apparently very important to the gay and lesbian community as well. In Conn., gays and lesbians were already allowed all the benefits of marriage under a legal "civil union". This was not good enough for them though. They wanted the word "marriage", and recently got it.My only other thing about this is that people were allowed to vote. They voted and Prop 8 lost. Live with it. Try to change it again later. We voted for a President that 50% of the country did not want. That 50% will have to live with it. The people voted. I know some of you will be brin
  6. It is interesting to note that the genocide in Darfur is happening for religious differences. Christians are being killed by a Muslim "leader", only because they are Christian, not Muslim. It is interesting because noone seems to be mentioning that part of the story.
  7. Help me out here...how does he have what looks like IP addresses for each of the other players next to their seats? How is able to go back and see hole cards right after the hand is over? Thanks.
  8. Hey astros,I manufacture and sell high end pedastal tables. PM me and I'll send you some pics. I would send you to the website but it needs updating. Most of the stuff on there, we do not do because we have improved the product and cut the cost.
  9. They also do not believe in Hell.
  10. This would only be true if the large footedness was due to a dominate gene, not a recessive one. The fact that no gull had it previously, would lead you to believe that the gene was NOT dominant. In this case, the recessive gene could only control the outcome, a larger foot, by breeding with other gulls that only have recessive genes, in effect wiping out the dominant gene completely. This is pretty far fetched.....
  11. I'm referring to the animals found in yorke's article. I have seen the same reference in other places regarding this most recent find.
  12. What do you folks make of the fact that a lot of these animals were found intact, with skin and all?
  13. The problem is, you would not know in the first 3 weeks. It would be at least 2 weeks before you missed your period and started to wonder, and that assumes you are a clock with your cycle. If you're not that regular, you might very easily wait an extra few days before taking a home test. By that time, you have hit your 3 week window.
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