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  1. Gee, I hope no one was arguing that bolded part, its just plain old wrong. One can evolve and still have thing that don't help out on survival of the species per say. I don't think the positioning of the windpipe and esophagus is that much of help to humans on the overall scale, but it hasn't threatened our extintion (at least not yet).
  2. It could be because many people don't exactly trust statistical claims as an honest evaluator because it is well known how easy it can be manipulated/just flat out wrong.See exit polls of last presidental election if you want an example.
  3. As for the intelligent it to make a difference between a thinking and non-thinking life form. For instance if we found a new strand of bateria on the moon, that would be a non-intelligent life form. If we found a primitive alien race with only primitive forms of technology that would be intelligent life.Am I correct in thinking that as of now we have found 0 life forms out there (either thinking or non-thinking).
  4. Because some of us don't believe that God tells lies.
  5. Question, how do I know that you speak for Christianity?Ok, Lois, too be fair I know that you have disargeements with the catholics and their history (and probably a great portion of those crititiques are justified). But who exactly are you to say they are not christians. If your going to say "they do not teach a brand of christanity I believe in" fine. Why should I trust that you have the ability to see who the christians are and are not? Then again, I disagree with you on spirital matters many times, so I guess I'm not a christian anyway either.I've decided to let God decide who is and i
  6. The Church would be the catholic church which had huge control in Europe (come on, I think if you read the link you knew which church I was refering too). I was just pointing out that there were christians did believe that the earth was not spherical. You earlier posts seem to suggest it was a complete non-issue, I am saying that it was a issue, but not as much as certain other issues that arose.Also I'm not certain what your arguing in the second sentence. Does the bible say the earth hangeth on nothing or does it disargee with that statement? I would think one can argue that the earth d
  7. Actually I would say it was a long time ago that the earth was considered flat and not spherical (the roundness of earth was proven in the first centruy).Look up flat earth on Wikipedia to see a list of christian scholars that disagreed with the notion of a round earth http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flat_earth#The_Early_Church. However I will say that it does not seem like the church fought for a flat earth viewpoint like others (the idea of the earth as center of the universe).I will agree with the assertion that the earth being flat was not a nessecarily christian worldview. The greeks and r
  8. Um, I have thought and reflections, just not yours. I thought I made it personally my view that this has to do with the way we treat (or in this case don't treat) the mentally ill. There were warning signs all over the place but there was no ability to force him to seek consoling or put him away dispite the past stalking incidents. Most cases its "we never really saw it coming", this time people are yelling left and center "we thought this guy may do this".And I also gave what it would change, sorry I don't believe in your "god wants us on our knees 40,000 at a time" theory. I wonder what
  9. No, your lack of action is not the cause, you daughters action is the cause. Your daughter is the one who decided to eat too much ice cream causing a tummy ache. It was your daughter in control of her own decision. The ice cream in her system caused the tummy ache, your lack of action was just that.Now the reason why I decided not to comment about god not liking what going on in america is because very simply I image god does not like what going on anywhere in the world. Can you name the magic land on earth where god is happy with its people.Now that I commented on something you think I av
  10. Not quiteIn the example you give above the action causes the conseqense. You daughter ate a ice cream and it gave her a tummy ache due to a direct result of too much ice cream.In the shooter example, it is unclear which action caused the consequense. I mean which part should we change first, the pornography, the coruption in goverment, the acceptence of groups we should not accept, full acceptance of christ from non-believers, stop playing music with insturments in chruches, stop wearing makeup. Which paticular action caused the direct consequnse of 30+ die to madman?
  11. No, there was no such promise made to us, in fact quite the opposite. Jesus warns us that we will suffer at times when we are in the right and that it is expected of us to do so. While I'm not saying that we are in the right, its another to say "gunman kills 30, must be gods work so that 40,000 people will get on their knees". I don't get why god cares about 40,000 people, if God was at work the world should be on its knees not some semi-big number in only one country in a world of both believers and doubters. Since when does God care about big looking numbers.Seeing how you are so familar
  12. To the bigger question, I don't think God stops people. If God did stop people then there would be no free will. God lets people do what they do and then judges them in the afterlife not before. I don't believe everything happens for a reason or at least not to the personal extent that I think you are putting to it. Here right now I saw a bird fly by my window, why was I made to see it, maybe because I was just looking at the same time the bird was flying it does not have to have deeper meaning.On why this occured, that may not have to do with god wanted it to occur for vengence so we will
  13. Why stop there, I mean first lets ask for no shootings, then we will ask for things like no pediphilia, no murder, no rape, no horror.Then we ask "you know there people I don't like, can you make that I don't deal with them" after a while God is just wish fullfilment. The big problem of this is, our wishes may conflict with each other. Also I am of the belief that most of the world problems are man made so its up to us to correct them.Oh Zeatrix, do you really belief this wouldn't of occured, I mean sure maybe the man wouldn't of killed 30 people, maybe he would of just stalked someone and t
  14. Um, lets see, because the question is how we react to evil. Do we go on our own path of evil or do we react by overcomming it. Also exactly what should of god done if he wasn't going to allow it, put up a magic shield, cure mental illness that day, exactly what would of god done by not allowing it? The reward for us is in heaven not in earth, and while on earth bad things can occur to all of us. Also so what about the good things that occured that day. People got married, people had kids, etc, you do know that life went on even as that event was occuring, for many the incident while tragi
  15. Let me guess, you also blame Job for his troubles as well.
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