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  1. No man...that was real...it was insane
  2. I forgot about this one...this is harshI am sitting at a 2-5NL table at the Hollywood Park...there is this young cocky kid and an old ass woman who have been berating each other all night...every time she bet he would raise, and vice versa....they were spitting crude comments back and forth all night....then finally this hand happened....Kid raises to 25 UTGOLD reraises to 100Kid callsflop AK2kid bets 100 Lady smooth callsturn Kthis qualifies the hand for jackpot...so everyone gets excited, jumps out of there chairs and watches with great anticipation...Kid bets 200Lady goes all in...Kid calls
  3. both occured at hollywood Park Casino...1st one:I am playing 2-5 NL...there is this guy who is railing us and talking to this other dude at our table...they get in a small argument and decide that they wanted to play each other to determine who is better, but all of the seats are full...so the one dude who was standing tells a guy at our table he will pay him $50 for his seat...he agrees...he sits down right next to the guy(who is ghetto as hell) and they start talking stakes...they decide that they are going to bet 1,000 that based on the number of pots they are on together, whoever wins the
  4. Look down..oh maybe 3 topics...
  5. Commerce - Huge, DirtyBike - Smaller, Dirty, in the GhettoHollywood park - 99% of the players are almost homeless, but I like this one the best. DirtyHustler - Clean, small, I like it.Club Caribe - dirty, good tourney's though, horrible players.You could probably make it to Vegas in the time you waste sitting in trafficTP/MM
  6. dint he get hit by a bus or something?
  7. Multi tabling in no way makes your risk of losing your bankroll any higher. If anything it evens out the swings to more of a normal level because you are able to obtain more of a larger sample in a smaller time period. then again if you are a donk then yes, a larger bankroll would be necessary to last just a tad bit longer, you'll eventually lose it
  8. Are you serious? Do you understand why this is competely wrong?
  9. You don't need a code, 1st deposit is 100% deposit bonus...its great, put five hundo if you have it
  10. I don't play pro but I am on a simliar mission like Smash's...I think I saw someone metion he tried to turn 50 into 1000...Last July I decided to be very dedicated to all of the BR rules and regulations so I deposited 100 on PP to play .50-1 Limit HE (knowing that I would deposit 200 more if I lost)...since then having a full time job and fulltime girlfriend (I think she made it harder to play than my work) I have just last night gotten it up to 1617.I strictly play LHE, I am playing 2-4 right now, I switched over to fulltilt from PP to get the 100% deposit bonus in January, I put 470 in and h
  11. Can you really call it the idiot end if it's a straight flush? It's a bit difficult to lay that one down. Now that's what you call cold decked.I'm not saying he was an idiot for getting all his money in with a straight flush. I just thought that's what you called it when you hold something like 98 and the flop is QJT.its usually called the ignorant end...but more common with a straight...not a straight flush.
  12. not to hijack..but my Pokertracker will not import the FT hand histories...I have them all saved on my HD...but when I made the switch from PP to FT, it just stopped importing them, any help?Thanks
  13. Left the table...I'll share some strategy.A) Very SOLID starting hands.B) Limp very often with connected top 30 PLO hands.C) Raise ONLY your best wraps or double suited hands..bet aggressively on flop with a safe flop of course.D) Call raises with AA and KK and all good wraps....TAKE NO FLYERS with crap hands.E) Learn to recognize when you have an insanely strong draw and stick your stack in against the guy that stuck his stack in there with you with top set. Then laugh at the fact that his set is an underdog.F) a small edge is not good enough.G) A 2 to 1 edge is good enough to stick you
  14. I am not that learned in PLO...Alf where did you study up on the game, I beat the sshe at fulltilt but it seems that I am missing out here...do you just nut pedal or what? can you offer any advice?
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