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  1. you could use checkyourbets.com as a reference... i use it and love it... not sure if i would want it on my facebook though...
  2. SPOILER ALERTyoure right.... the fact that its a FATHER SON COMBO and that they are basically calling each other's hands out the whole way down only to have the son muck the best hand in hopes that his chips will help his dad win another title like he knows he dreams of MEANS NOTHING...idiot...
  3. Collusion at the final table is the way the character "redeems" himself after stealing, criticizing for somebody not cheating for him, etc etc?the cameos were entertaining but i hated watching hennigan and many other pros being called some fictitious name...enjoyed parts of it, but overall it was a POS
  4. thats my fault :(when i introduced it to them i was mispelling it... then i was too scared to admit that i had mispelled the greatest hand in poker... so i kept up the fakeness...forgive me
  5. http://www.cypresspoker.com/pinchpinch.htmland from my website:
  6. this was discussed a while back and most everyone said theyd steal like crazy...somebody posted the very memorable "id break my mouse stealing blinds"
  7. Any players from the area? Looking to network and get into more games...
  8. at coushatta (in louisiana) this weekend, a clueless asian lately was tipping $20 or more on hands... IN A FRICKIN 2/5 GAME!!!!!!it was just on the bigger pots... when she was chasing down her flush etc... then shed start throwing red chips to the dealer saying "you want more?"one dealer made $100 in 3 hands off her... RIDICULOUS
  9. correct.i always wanted to go back and look at the numbers... what kind of odds was he getting?
  10. probably yeah...i copied it from my records...figured out how to manually enter though... one of the cells was wrong...thanks for your time
  11. can i manually enter my finishes somehow?my pokertracker has been frozen for a while now :(i just want to keep track of some of the things on there... ROI etc... and looks at the different levels im doing ok on...this is what i started 2 days ago:sng experiment $100.00 deposit - SNGS ONLY - to produce appropriate MTT and $2/5 live roll $5.50 9 handed SNG- 4th$5.50 9 handed SNG- 4th $11.00 9 handed SNG- 6th $10.50 HU NLHE- 2nd - this was a deviation from the plan... $5.50 NLHE MTT- nada - this was too... $22 9 handed sng- 1st $90 (+68) - back to being serious... $22 9 handed sng- 8th
  12. 1000ish players left.... 2800X1500/1000=4200
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