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  1. PokerStars Game #26554923852: Tournament #150908605, $5.00+$0.50 Hold'em No Limit - Level X (100/200) - 2009/03/30 21:54:03 ETTable '150908605 20' 9-max Seat #8 is the buttonSeat 2: ackypoo (26705 in chips) Seat 3: profitsUnltd (7925 in chips) Seat 4: miked up (3665 in chips) Seat 5: chauarjr (14110 in chips) Seat 6: epj2000 (2970 in chips) Seat 7: St3pbySt3p (6060 in chips) Seat 8: WhatArunAA (14485 in chips) Seat 9: micgray (16405 in chips) ackypoo: posts the ante 25profitsUnltd: posts the ante 25miked up: posts the ante 25chauarjr: posts the ante 25epj2000: posts the ante 25St3pbySt3p: post
  2. did you really have to flop quads and then have me fill up on the turn.....was that really necessary......i hate you........i hope you feel good about yourself..........ishp.s. i think you're cute
  3. im in this and will be playing alone i'll be shipping the money sometime later in the weekish
  4. if its going to be run through the website someone else would have to take the lead with it because i am pretty terrible when it comes to things of that nature but id be willing to help in whatever way i couldish
  5. well since we have some amount of interest would someone with a little more experience than myself be willing to try and organize this?ish
  6. would anyone be interested in doing another one of these?ish
  7. someone should get together one of those 4.40 challenge things again.........just my opinionish
  8. i've actually noticed this as well im through about 200 tournaments between all three of the levels and i've won i think 5 of them while only making 15 -20 ish final tables THE FINAL TABLES ON THESE ARE EXTREMELY EASY.....INCLUDING THE 20 DOLLAR BUY INSish
  9. how many of these would you guys say you would have to log before being able to assess you're profitability in theseish
  10. I know this has been posted but couldnt find it. I was just wondering if any us players had any problems at all cashing out through pokerstars via checks thanks in advanceish
  11. how many sitngos is enough to start to accurately gauge your roiish
  12. so much for lincecum destroying the cubsish
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